Monday, December 27, 2010

In about 10 years I am going to be 40

I am not sensitive about my age. I give out my real age readily whenever someone asks. Often it is the young ones who avoid me after I reveal my real age (that is actually quite funny).

It was therefore strange that I felt a pang when Motorbreath said that I would be 40 in 10 years. Fuck. That really gave me a jolt. A shot of actualization when playing a computer game.

I realize (I have decided to switch to American English in this blog) that while I am not sensitive about my age, I remain aware about the passage of time. It's been five years since I graduated my Bachelors. I should have started my business this year. Instead I am worried about rising living costs and playing CoH like a Ostrich in the sand. Depressing.

It's time to buck up and return to my programming, and cut down on CoH. Guess it's been fun while it lasted.

I must definitely start my business or study my PHD this year!

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