Thursday, December 23, 2010

A little episode at the pool -.-"

I always forget something when I go swimming. So stupid. It's always goggles, sun block or something. One time I forgot the swimming costume. Hahahahhahaa. Imagine my shock when I was in the Ladies, staring down into a empty bag! I was like wtf?! Before you think I am the village idiot or something, I must say clearly that I always store my swimming gear in two sets. So if I am in the mood to swim, I am good to go, just grab one and run off! Apparently that time when it dried, I forgot to put it back into its bag.


Today is the worst, I forgot the towel... I remembered the swimming board because I wanted to train my legs. Winz. And I can forget the most basic item. I was happily thinking, hmm why my bag so flat today. I didn't realise until I was bathing and wanted to dry off. Shit. 

What was I supposed to do? Even more jialat, I was wearing a black bra, with a white tee. Unfortunately I am not the good girl type who brings a new set of clothes to change after swimming, so I didn't have anything backup to dry off with. Shit... And I have long hair so it's drinks plenty of water and is a bitch to dry.

I will not say what I did in the Ladies to dry off. But suffice to say, it was quite embarrassing when I had to come out with my stupid hair soaking my tee. Luckily I was carrying a backpack, and I just stalked out like I meant to be this shameless. OOpz. I hope no one report me for contaminating their eyeballs.

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