Friday, September 26, 2014

TGIF Specials 24: Hot Virgin Oil @ Porn's

Hot virgin oil?!
The fact that the restaurant was called Porn's is an irony not lost on me...

Monday, September 22, 2014

Walking and observing the wildlife

I have been walking a lot more. Trying to pass my health test next month *roll eyes*. I used to study and practise exercises to pass exams, and now I exercise to pass health exam. I downloaded a pedometer (please get your head out of the gutter), and I have been using it to drive myself to walk more. Swimming is out for the time being, so I have to rely on walking. (Yes, I notice that I keep going on and on about it. Must have been effects of too much sun on the brain)

It's pretty fun actually, because I spend the time checking out the wildlife as well. As I was telling Mr Bear, as we were walking, I have seen so far:
  • 3 monkeys
  • 3 snakes (1 live green one, 1 flattened green one, 1 black one)
  • 7 squirrels (2 of them horny males chasing 1 female, plus 4 more eating nuts. Could be the same squirrels)
  • 1 rooster (don't know how he got there. Never saw him again. Could have been in someone's curry)
  • 2 mice (eww)
The squirrels have been quite funny. Here's one eating a nut upside down. I didn't manage to catch another one on camera eating a nut upside down along the stem of a signboard.

Me: Is this a dead snake?
Mr Bear: I think it is a snake skin.
Me: I don't think so. There seems to be bits coming out from the side. Ewww.

See the extremely bright green "rope"?
This was the most disturbing one of all. This afternoon we were walking past the traffic light on our way up the hill, when I saw a bleeping green snake slithering its way up a tree. Less than 2 metres from the pavement. Scary. But I think it is a harmless snake.

Googling it, I found out that it is called a oriental whip snake. Only slightly venomous, but not to humans, according to one site.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It was all about portion control... Shrove Tuesday

Miss Bear decided to starve me into submission, by ordering only 1 tofu dish, and 1 vegetable dish (she vetoed my suggestion to contaminate the vegetables with any form of meat). Later, she commented drily, "do you think you the waitress think we are vegetarians?"

Gee. You think?
Very amazing spaces style

I thought she might be controlling the portions because we were going to have waffles, though I told her if she wanted me to eat at Creamier, she should just haul me out to ze barn and shoot me between the eyes. 1st of all, it is more overhyped than the rest of the overhyped gelato shops, next, why the fuck must I queue to buy ice-cream, then queue for seats? It's insane.

But like I said, I was starved into submission, so we tried out another gelato shop further down, near Braddell MRT station, called Shrove Tuesday (no idea why. There was a great wall of text explaining why but I couldn't be bothered to read it). 
We chose Baked apple caramel (me) and Roche (her)
I like the shop design. It is very eclectic, Amazing Spaces style. Roche was basically ground hazelnuts (flavor, but no actual nut) mixed with chocolate, while baked apple caramel tasted pretty sticky but ok. I could tell that Miss Bear preferred my choice, because she kept eating mine instead of hers. But the most amazing part is how they spin the waffles. These gelato shops claim that by using a yeast batter they can create crispy batter but the reality is that since it is yeast batter, the batter rises so they earn more while incurring lesser material cost.

Exiting the shop, we saw a little shop at the opposite block. It was selling traditional waffles and ice-cream separately. I remarked to Miss Bear how ironic that that shop had 0 customers when it was selling the exact same thing and cheaper too. Lovely juxtaposition of cheap yet less appreciated versus expensive yet hyped. We are such suckers for packaging.

Friday, September 19, 2014

[Batam 2014] A&W - the original Creamier

So in lieu of traveling far this year, Bobo and I decided to take a short weekend trip to Batam to relax. Unfortunately I was true to form, and wouldn't relax, choosing to travel around Batam instead of resting at the resort. If you travel from Singapore to Batam, NEVER buy the trip from a tour guide when you can buy a coupon for it. After researching for days, I chose the coupon over the groupon one because (1) it was cheaper (2) had free bus transfer, otherwise pay S$5 in 1 direction/person (3) free bowling game (4) free foot reflexology/massage. Good deal right?
The coupon we got entitled us to one free bus transfer, so we used that on the first day we got to Batam after dropping off our gear. The resort bused us to Nagoya Hill Mall, where it is said by many Singaporean tourists, that you haven't traveled to Batam if you didn't worship at the A&W idol's paws.
The Beary God
Oh, A&W, how we mourn the loss of your waffle and root bear float on our tiny shores, subjecting us to the fate of overpriced waffles and ice cream made with flour at over-hyped gelato shops.

I must admit it was tremendously strange to eat chicken with rice and no veggies.
Ate with the fingers. Dish didn't come with utensils.

Of course the meal was not complete without the Pièce de résistance, La Waffle. Yumz.


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