Monday, September 22, 2014

Walking and observing the wildlife

I have been walking a lot more. Trying to pass my health test next month *roll eyes*. I used to study and practise exercises to pass exams, and now I exercise to pass health exam. I downloaded a pedometer (please get your head out of the gutter), and I have been using it to drive myself to walk more. Swimming is out for the time being, so I have to rely on walking. (Yes, I notice that I keep going on and on about it. Must have been effects of too much sun on the brain)

It's pretty fun actually, because I spend the time checking out the wildlife as well. As I was telling Mr Bear, as we were walking, I have seen so far:
  • 3 monkeys
  • 3 snakes (1 live green one, 1 flattened green one, 1 black one)
  • 7 squirrels (2 of them horny males chasing 1 female, plus 4 more eating nuts. Could be the same squirrels)
  • 1 rooster (don't know how he got there. Never saw him again. Could have been in someone's curry)
  • 2 mice (eww)
The squirrels have been quite funny. Here's one eating a nut upside down. I didn't manage to catch another one on camera eating a nut upside down along the stem of a signboard.

Me: Is this a dead snake?
Mr Bear: I think it is a snake skin.
Me: I don't think so. There seems to be bits coming out from the side. Ewww.

See the extremely bright green "rope"?
This was the most disturbing one of all. This afternoon we were walking past the traffic light on our way up the hill, when I saw a bleeping green snake slithering its way up a tree. Less than 2 metres from the pavement. Scary. But I think it is a harmless snake.

Googling it, I found out that it is called a oriental whip snake. Only slightly venomous, but not to humans, according to one site.

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