Monday, December 21, 2015

A spurned wife, her gallic husband who ghosted her and a pile of horse poopoo

He was separated from his current wife and their divorce papers were being drawn up but not yet cast in stone, so the lady said when she fell in love with her to-be husband/ husband/ ex-husband. I was rolling my eyes when I read this. That was a massive red flag. She must have been feeling very down from her recent break-up to fall for this crap.

Girls, never believe a man when he tells you that he is separating from his wife or they are together but they are essentially strangers. IT IS A LIE, he just wants to get between your legs. Somewhere his wife is crying or worse, unaware that her husband is cheating on her and thinking her marriage is steady and happy.

And no, girl, he isn't a serial monogamist. He just has a greedy penis, which he wants to stick into anything younger than him.

I spent a weekend reading the birth and demise of a rebound marriage:

Dec 2012
Hopeful of love

Early 2013
Meeting her to-be husband/ to be ex husband in Paris while nursing a broken heart 

Aug 2013
Getting engaged after knowing each other for 5 months
The 7 steps she would be taking to become a stepmom 
Concerned that marriage typically mean monogamy and maybe we should strip societal constraints and allow open relationships during marriage?
Using We-connect devices during long distance relationship (ew, too much info. Article was written in 2015) 

Mar 2014
about registering marriage in Dec 2013 and how it will not bend her to gender stereotypes

Apr 2014
How her husband's ex was terrorizing her 

May 2014
Her May wedding (Dec 2013 was for legality)

Aug 2014
Relating herself as one of the non-marrying kind like Brad and Angie (the ones who were willing to commit to having children together, but not the traditional confines of marriage, and before cracking in the end)

Sometime in 2014 - 2015
Extolling the virtues of a French Husband
Mistakes in handling her step-daughters (one 17 years old, one 6 years old)
Using sex to control her husband's smoking

Sep 2015
An article on ghosting (mentioned inside that she called someone out on it, but didn't say who. She wrote two articles on ghosting during the summer)
Confessed that her husband has been ghosting her all summer (but under a different pen name)

Oct 2015
Falling out of love with the husband who was ghosting her (and sleeping with a 20 year old)

Nov 2015
How it ended in a pile of shit (the 20 year old wrote her a poem on how she was crushing her husband's soul)
Reflections on the end of the marriage

Dec 2015
Throwing herself a fabulous divorce party (and admitting she used to judge ladies who did that)

The happy(?) divorcee wearing her tiara in the middle (her friend looks naked except for the necklace!)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Most Abused word in the English Language

No, it's not "Fuck".

It's not "revert", though that is pretty irritating to read when applied wrongly.

I don't claim to be a word nazi, but I really absolutely go INSANE when I see this word. "Kindly"

Was zum Teufel do people think that word mean?

"Kindly do this."

It always triggers me. People, "kindly" means this:

adverb: kindly
  1. 1.
    in a kind manner.
    "'Never mind,' she said kindly"
    synonyms:benevolently, good-naturedly, warmly, affectionately, tenderly,lovingly, compassionately; More
    antonyms:unkindly, harshly
    • please (used in a polite request or demand, often ironically).
      "would you kindly explain what you're talking about?"
      synonyms:please, if you please, if you would be so good, if you wouldn't mind, have the goodness to, prayMore
adjective: kindly; comparative adjective: kindlier; superlative adjective: kindliest
  1. 1.
    kind, warm-hearted, or gentle.
    "he was a quiet, kindly man"

To me, when a person X use "kindly", it means X is essentially demanding that person Y  to do what X wants. Why not just say "do this", because that is what X actually meant? If X intended a polite request, then X should use the word "please". 

There is nothing kindly about "kindly".

My lovely modus operandi when I see this in an email request is to make sure I slot that demand to the bottom of my to-do pile. Remember, you asked for it :D


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