Sunday, December 20, 2015

Most Abused word in the English Language

No, it's not "Fuck".

It's not "revert", though that is pretty irritating to read when applied wrongly.

I don't claim to be a word nazi, but I really absolutely go INSANE when I see this word. "Kindly"

Was zum Teufel do people think that word mean?

"Kindly do this."

It always triggers me. People, "kindly" means this:

adverb: kindly
  1. 1.
    in a kind manner.
    "'Never mind,' she said kindly"
    synonyms:benevolently, good-naturedly, warmly, affectionately, tenderly,lovingly, compassionately; More
    antonyms:unkindly, harshly
    • please (used in a polite request or demand, often ironically).
      "would you kindly explain what you're talking about?"
      synonyms:please, if you please, if you would be so good, if you wouldn't mind, have the goodness to, prayMore
adjective: kindly; comparative adjective: kindlier; superlative adjective: kindliest
  1. 1.
    kind, warm-hearted, or gentle.
    "he was a quiet, kindly man"

To me, when a person X use "kindly", it means X is essentially demanding that person Y  to do what X wants. Why not just say "do this", because that is what X actually meant? If X intended a polite request, then X should use the word "please". 

There is nothing kindly about "kindly".

My lovely modus operandi when I see this in an email request is to make sure I slot that demand to the bottom of my to-do pile. Remember, you asked for it :D

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