Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me, Rinko, Manaka and Nene

Love Plus otakus who love Nene, Rink and Manaka and want to further develop their relationships can now go to Atami, to holiday with their fav girlfriend.

Atami resort town is one of the places in Japan where lovelorn otakus can now go around scanning and detecting 2D images of their preferred girlfriends, images that are not available in the game now.

Monday, August 30, 2010

There was Popfly, there will be Google App Inventor, but there is Scratch

By the fun folks at MIT. Yes, MIT as in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scratch lets you share music, games, animation and interactive stories. Just register and try!!! I tried one of the games, seems to be running on Java Applet.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

He's got a new Love

Recently I have been beguiled by many stories of girls who have been in long-term relationships and getting dumped by the heartless creep. Some forgave (not sure if they forgot) because the HDB flat was ready (ah, it never cease to amaze me how everything can be forgiven just because of an apartment. How can they stand the touch of a cheating bastard for the rest of their lives?), some remained inconsolable.

Until they get a new love. I was dumbstruck by a forum thread I was reading about how this guy supposedly loved his girlfriend so much, that he didn't mind that she lied to all her friends that she was single the entire four years they were together, that she went out with other men and even traveled overseas with them and even lent her money and a home. The responses in the forum ranged from sympathetic fellow victims to "grow a pair", and yet the guy tried relentlessly to woo her back... until he found a new girl.

Suddenly he announced that he had moved on. I was like, after all the moaning and groaning and professions of true love, wasn't it very anti-climatic to stopped loving her overnight. This is a very weird trend of people who got dumped. It is often "oh my god, how am I going to live without you", "I love you so much that even though it hurts me to see you with her, I will accept as long as you are happy" that kind of long suffering bullshit gets thrown out of the window when the dumped discovered "hey, someone else is interested in me". All at once, the angst-filled messages on Facebook walls, the melancholic tweets, and the heavy-toned blogs disappeared, leaving new experiences and expressions of love. I mean it's ok, but did you really love your ex that much in the first place? You tweeted, you blogged, you messaged, but the time spent in mourning the loss seems easily assuaged by the dawn of a new relationship.

They used to say how long you get over your relationship, would be half the time you sent together. That's crap, truthfully, how long you get over your relationship depends on your desirability and popularity with the opposite gender. If you find a new love, chances are you will move on swiftly too. After all he did, so why don't you?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a Woman Cannot Accept in a Man

Surveyed my female colleagues yesterday during coffee break on what kind of man they can accept. The object of study is a group of men who share the same attributes, physical, mental and behavioural aspect-wise, except for the one outstanding, extreme feature they each have that the others don't.

We have the following:
(1) Obese guy
(2) Playboy
(3) Fugly guy
(4) Stupid guy
(5) Churchmouse (poor)
(6) Oompa Loompa (short)

5 women took part in this survey. We have (1) attractive, young mother (2) married aunty (3) sarcastic cow (4) chick with boyfriend (5) chick without boyfriend

And these is the summary of results:
(1) Obese guy
Apparently it is ok for a guy to be fat. Because he can lose weight (women are delusional enough to believe he can. This is why men don't like fat chicks, cos they know she can't).

(2) Playboy
Nobody, except for chick with boyfriend, likes playboys. Interesting.

(3) Fugly guy
Everybody (again except for chick with boyfriend) likes fugly guys. We can conclude chick with boyfriend likes handsome cheating bastards.

(4) Stupid guy
Bad. Nobody likes stupid guys. Clever guys who behave stupidly do not apply (because 90% of men are *ahem*).

(5) Churchmouse (poor)
Most accepted. Very unsual result. Thanks to the evolution of women's role in society, methinks.
Btw poor is alright, but we cannot stand a kept man.

(6) Oompa Loompa (short)
Only chick with no boyfriend can accept short guy. But then she is short. So it does not count. We can't stand short men!!!

You can also conclude who is the sarcastic cow.

We also cannot stand emotional highstrung wayang actors, sissy heterosexual guys, judgemental holier-than-thou arrogant bastards, lazy bums and stingy tight pussies. Those are the extremes that we didn't bother to survey on.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oooh, something other than Eclipse =D

Hi ya folks who are trying to code Android apps, good news, no longer do we have to suffer the whims of Eclipse. There are five other cross-platform mobile development tools that you can use. Note you can use them for developing iPhone and other mobile OSes. But I don't really care about those. Haha.

I am also super excited by Mashable.com, which has a lot of top 10 free stuff, especially the wireframe tools. That will definitely benefit me in creating my wireframes for TopCoder, though I never win *sobs*.

Btw I have been playing CoH alot. ALOT. So have stopped coding completely and opened myself to the joys of typing German and English curse words at my teammates. Ich liebe dich, Company of Heroes. I guess that is the reason why I like the game so much, because I can use what little German words I know.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday Munchies 22 - An Idea of Pho

You know how I grew a crazy lemon basil plant? So I harvested some leaves and tried to make pho.

Well, it was supposed to be pho. Except B1 wanted radish, the beef at the supermarket was expensive so I bought pork and piggy liver, and then I also bought udon... Not like pho. Hahha.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

It has finally happened - Oracle sues on Java

I knew it was coming. At first I thought it was going to be MySQL, but turns out Oracle is suing Google for leveraging on Java for Android. Why didn't Google buy Sun when they had the chance? Didn't see Oracle coming from the left field?

Which may make my other prediction accurate, we are all going to have to learn Go. Hahaha, think Google will switch over to Go instead for Android. Heavens help me, I cannot even understand Wave code and I hate C++ (and C to lesser extent). Who invented C++ anyway!?

According to Go's blog, Google hasn't actively looked into moving Android into Go.

An angry Android developer-wannabe

Don't Miss this year's 夏祭りNatsu Matsuri!!!

If you are coming to Singapore for YOG 2010, do not miss the 夏祭り Natsu Matsuri, i.e. summer festival organised by the Singapore Japanese Association every year.

The festival continues to be held at the Japanese Primary School (Changi branch), on Saturday 21 August 2010 from 5 pm. You can get your tickets from the Association earlier or face a mind-numbing crush of a wait, @ S$2 per entry. The Association will be staging a series of songs and dances and you can play games and such at the festival. You can also rent an obi and yukata to wear during the festival (no cosplaying allowed).

To get there, you can either drive to Expo, park there and get the free commute to the site, or take bus 2 (from Tanah Merah MRT), 5 or 37. I recommend the public bus.

List of programmes:
1645 Welcome Bang!!
1700 Opening
1800 Information Talk -> Harumi & Masayuki
1810 Opening Fandare -> JAS Taiko Group
1825 Street Dance -> Meg Kids Dance Crew
1840 Hip Hop Dance -> Japanese Secondary School (SJSS Dance Group)
1855 Japanese Taiko Performance -> Clementi School Japanese Taiko Group
1910 Football Performance -> Albirex Singapore
1920 Cheerleading -> Albirex Singapore
1930 Hip Hop Dance -> Style Effects
1940 Hula Dance -> JAS Hula Dance Class
1950 Hip Hop Dance -> Keiko Dancing Mates
2000 Bon Odori (Japanese Folk Dance) <= reason why most people come!
2130 Festival End

original site

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Youtube Junkies 7 - Mosquito Song

It's been a while since I last Youtube Junkied. As it is our beloved Singapore's birthday soon, let's commemorate it with a "National Day" song. This song is also dedicated to the one insect that leaves me an itch I cannot scratch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I just saw YOG 2010 torch bearer run past

So annoyed. After looking through the shots, I realised the stupid girl was looking back in my one and only close-up photo. And this after I stood in the rain for half an hour...

You said Auf Wiedersehen to Privacy on this day 19 years ago

Tim Berners-Lee, the hero of all NEETs, Home Security Guards, Hikikomori, announced the birth of the Internet on this day 19 years ago.

Yes folks, thanks to this man, you have been watching free online porn on your computers since August 6 1991.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hangari Galbi - A love of Leafy Veg

Went to Hangari Galbi @ Takashimaya with my friend yesterday to celebrate my extremely belated birthday.

Many lettuce and cabbages were harmed in the making of the seven types of kimchi they provided, i.e. not much variety. There were spicy(??) lettuce salad, cabbage kimchi preserved in orange vinegar, garden salad (with lettuce) with Japanese mayo, traditional napa cabbage kimchi, bean sprouts, chives side dish, and some other forgotten side dish. They also offered sesame flavoured porridge, and showed us the meat before they cooked it at the side.

I would have to say the meal is not that fantastic, my friend complained the FOC prawns were not fresh. Even though the waitress assured me that I could get one more free set of side dishes, they were not tempting for us to request.


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