Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hangari Galbi - A love of Leafy Veg

Went to Hangari Galbi @ Takashimaya with my friend yesterday to celebrate my extremely belated birthday.

Many lettuce and cabbages were harmed in the making of the seven types of kimchi they provided, i.e. not much variety. There were spicy(??) lettuce salad, cabbage kimchi preserved in orange vinegar, garden salad (with lettuce) with Japanese mayo, traditional napa cabbage kimchi, bean sprouts, chives side dish, and some other forgotten side dish. They also offered sesame flavoured porridge, and showed us the meat before they cooked it at the side.

I would have to say the meal is not that fantastic, my friend complained the FOC prawns were not fresh. Even though the waitress assured me that I could get one more free set of side dishes, they were not tempting for us to request.

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