Sunday, August 29, 2010

He's got a new Love

Recently I have been beguiled by many stories of girls who have been in long-term relationships and getting dumped by the heartless creep. Some forgave (not sure if they forgot) because the HDB flat was ready (ah, it never cease to amaze me how everything can be forgiven just because of an apartment. How can they stand the touch of a cheating bastard for the rest of their lives?), some remained inconsolable.

Until they get a new love. I was dumbstruck by a forum thread I was reading about how this guy supposedly loved his girlfriend so much, that he didn't mind that she lied to all her friends that she was single the entire four years they were together, that she went out with other men and even traveled overseas with them and even lent her money and a home. The responses in the forum ranged from sympathetic fellow victims to "grow a pair", and yet the guy tried relentlessly to woo her back... until he found a new girl.

Suddenly he announced that he had moved on. I was like, after all the moaning and groaning and professions of true love, wasn't it very anti-climatic to stopped loving her overnight. This is a very weird trend of people who got dumped. It is often "oh my god, how am I going to live without you", "I love you so much that even though it hurts me to see you with her, I will accept as long as you are happy" that kind of long suffering bullshit gets thrown out of the window when the dumped discovered "hey, someone else is interested in me". All at once, the angst-filled messages on Facebook walls, the melancholic tweets, and the heavy-toned blogs disappeared, leaving new experiences and expressions of love. I mean it's ok, but did you really love your ex that much in the first place? You tweeted, you blogged, you messaged, but the time spent in mourning the loss seems easily assuaged by the dawn of a new relationship.

They used to say how long you get over your relationship, would be half the time you sent together. That's crap, truthfully, how long you get over your relationship depends on your desirability and popularity with the opposite gender. If you find a new love, chances are you will move on swiftly too. After all he did, so why don't you?

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