Thursday, November 27, 2008

TGIF Specials 4: 啃他鸡 *total lmao*

Now who is smart enough to notice the innuendo in the chinese name? Hahah. Anyway as a tidbit, KFG is a total 山寨 of KFC. You know we tend to call it 海盗牌 in Singapore.
Chinese Lesson From
山寨 = shan1 zhai4 = literally “mountain stronghold” in reference to historical warlord holdouts that were outside of government control. A “shanzhai” edition product thus refers to products outside of government regulations that are widely reflected in the numerous fake and knockoff electronics/commodities made in China today. The term “shanzhai” can also refer to things that are improvised or home-made and are generally crude in both form and function (the closest English equivalent would be “ghetto”).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anti-Phishing Phil

I was checking out the faculty websites from my other favorite place on Earth (ie HCII), and I chanced upon a game from Jason Hong, the same guy who brought us Marmite. It's called Anti-Phishing Phil, to teach us duh, anti-phishing.

Give it a try. =d

Monday, November 17, 2008

What famished geeks do when they are hungry?

They zap a hotdog (at 219V AC) for supper. Within seconds. Check out the third pic where LED lights show the current flowing through the dog... nice. :d

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Youtube Junkie Strikes 1 - Why is farting good for you

Because it can get rid of unwanted animals near you. We should begin farting in schools and offices. :d

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bahasa Indonesia Pekerjaan Rumah Saya 2 - Still about my Hobby...

Spent very stressful ten minutes before class just now, trying to scribble something to read up for class. My teacher nearly had heart failure last week after I read out my initial draft (as uploaded earlier last week), and I was too lazy to rewrite. Not bothering to keep up with my Bahasa Indonesia outside of class are showing very obvious repercussions...

Anyway he said "bagus" when I was done (and he didn't for the other classmates), so I am not entirely hopeless. :d *Gloat*

Saya tidak mau melalaikan pekerjaan rumah saya!!!

Saya punya beberapa hobi. Saya suka membaca buku, terutama buku romatis. Penulis/ pengarang pujaan saya adalah Amanda Quick. Saya juga membaca non-fiksi, terutama buku sejarah.

Saya suka memasak dan makan. Saya suka sekali mencoba resep dan berusaha menciptakan makanan. Bagaimana karena saya sedang membekerja dari hari Senin sampai hari Jumat, saya bisa memasak makan siang pada hari Sabtu.

Saya biasanya mendengarkan musik klasik. Mendelssohn adalah komponis favorit saya. Saya suka menggubahnya "Violin Concerto in E Minor", yang menggunakan piano dan biola.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday Munchies 3 - Expressionful Bunny Breakfast

One Bunny, Two Expressions.

Clockwise from left:
Bacon Rosettes, tomato slices, grapes, cheesy Bunny sandwich, and omelet.

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