Thursday, November 27, 2008

TGIF Specials 4: 啃他鸡 *total lmao*

Now who is smart enough to notice the innuendo in the chinese name? Hahah. Anyway as a tidbit, KFG is a total 山寨 of KFC. You know we tend to call it 海盗牌 in Singapore.
Chinese Lesson From
山寨 = shan1 zhai4 = literally “mountain stronghold” in reference to historical warlord holdouts that were outside of government control. A “shanzhai” edition product thus refers to products outside of government regulations that are widely reflected in the numerous fake and knockoff electronics/commodities made in China today. The term “shanzhai” can also refer to things that are improvised or home-made and are generally crude in both form and function (the closest English equivalent would be “ghetto”).

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