Monday, October 31, 2011

Kimchi Chigae + Tomaten Reis + Kangkong

I decided to cook B1's favourite Kimchi Chigae (personally I hate the dish ever since the time I came home very late from school and got myself wasted with some old Korean Soju I smuggled back from Seoul and Kimchi Chigae).

As for the Tomaten Reis, it was me being lazy and pouring the contents of the dish onto the rice hahah, because I didn't want to wash another plate. Look Mommy, one dish meal! =D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

電車男 Densha Otoko

It is also available in French and German
B1 has this book called "電電車男〜ネット発、各駅停車のラブストーリー〜". It was supposedly a compilation of 2chan posts of a real-life romance story about a man and his train crush. The book was outstanding because of all the encouragement that the 2chan forummers gave the man, in the form of elaborate Shift_JIS art (you have to see it to believe how amazing the artwork is!) and words. The man was a otaku and never had a girlfriend before. Yet he was driven by his interest in his crush to help her and other women on the train when they encountered a mini crisis with a drunken salaryman. Even though the man could help very little (at least he bought some time so that the other women could get the train conductor to help), his crush was touched and asked him for his contact details.

She gave him a thank you gift of elaborate Hermès cups and saucers, which was too extravagant a gift so everyone on the channel saw it as a sign that she reciprocated his interest. They encouraged the man through his transformation of awkward otaku to a presentable young man who could confess his love a few months later. 

The reason why I brought up this book was because I recently saw some related online articles and posts. reported some weeks ago about where girls can post pictures of men they admire from duh, the subway (there is even a UK version called I think this is a cheeky rebuttal on all those men who take pictures of women on trains. Ah if only my office would allow me to carry camera phones, I'd be arrested =D but then again I will be taking only pics of women *hahahah* and the MRT commuters nowadays are totally NWR. Note: there is also another version, sans Bilder.

Actually I just visited those two sites. I find it very fun to be able to rate the men (haha, this could become a naughty pleasure!). My cousin and I used to do this except I had an additional grade called NWR ("Not Worth Rating"). I think the UK men are more to my taste *winks* and I strongly suspect that most of the posters on the USA version are gay men. But from what I have seen on the USA version (I stopped at Page 10), I like (maybe the first 3 are in order?):

Suited up
Dorky cute
Smarty Pants (hate his glasses)
Purple people eater
blurred blond
lemme fix my hair
Lost Lad

So now that you all know how my tastes run (I don't care if you think it is TMI, you can stop reading), I shall move onto mentioning this real-life USA 電車男 Densha Otoko story, which happened a long time ago. A Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg had a crush on an Australian chick, Camille Hayton, and successfully tracked her down after he posted an illustration of her on his website.

While their relationship only lasted two months, I still think that it was really cute and cool while it lasted. How will you be able to find love if you don't try right? I applaud the guy's effort (I am curious if he is attached now *KPO*). In the meantime I shall continue clicking on Hahha.

Mutters Garten Part II

I know that my mother's friend (let's call her G for generous and kind) has a discount at a gardening centre because she runs a florist business. So being the tight pussy I am, I decided to stay up all night Friday then accompany my mother and her friends to their garden. We will then head to the gardening centre which is nicht weit von the garden. This way, I thought, was the best because I can play CoH and still go to the garden. I have attempted to go a few times before, but because I play CoH till 3am on Fridays, and my mother heads for the garden at 645am, there is no way I can wake up with at best 3 hours of sleep.
Look at all that water *pissed* 3 inches deep!!!
Cranky from lack of zzz (me only), we arrived at the garden to discover that the place was flooded. Recently Singapore has been experiencing a lot of rain, which is so different from a few weeks ago, G said, because they had to pump water into the very dry garden then. 
Lady's fingers and flower
Our neighbour (we had gotten to know G through her) was being a cow as usual. She immediately tasked me to shovel the water out. I wouldn't mind at all if she also helped as well. But no, she decided to do the easier job of harvesting the fruits and vegetables. Clever. And then she got mad at me, because I slipped on the water. When I did, I immediately grabbed at the nearest tall plant, which was a budding banana tree, to steady myself. There were several of them, all planted by her, and not bearing fruits at all.

But I only managed to grab a banana leaf. Fortunately I managed to right myself. Gott sei dank, because I have a persistent back injury, and I was going to become very nasty looking if I had fallen in the dirty water. All the preying in Kirche (CoHers will know which one I mean) must have helped *giggle*. She decided to go on and on about how I might have destroyed her plant. Woman, there are 3 banana trees!!! And it was an accident!!!

While I ignored her (other than thinking *censored* in my mind), I was very surprised when my mother muttered about it later to G while we three were heading to the gardening centre. My mother was actually mad at our neighbour about the incident, and asked G if our neighbour thought that a bloody banana plant is more precious than her daughter (meaning me). I am even more surprised that I am surprised that Mutter is angry on my behalf. Guess I am not used to people standing in my corner, until I have forgotten Mutter is my greatest Cheerleader. She has supported me through various trials and events in my life, esp prize giving ceremonies, and presentations at prestigious events (she wasn't invited, but we don't care!) and *censored*.

Back to the stupid water. Before I fell down, I lifted the shovel and thought to myself, this is really inefficient to use a shovel because it is heavy and cannot carry much water at each lift. So I asked Mutter if there was something else I could use, she passed me two dustpans *so lucky*. I happily pushed water from one dustpan to another and got more water out at each attempt. It was kind of fun, even though I would have much preferred to be harvesting the vegetables.

Mutter and G helped me as well after they finished their own tasks and soon we managed to get rid of most of the water. G even passed me a scissors and said I could take anything I wanted from the garden. So I took some seed (I dumped them into the same bag, this should be fun when I start planting my own garden) and harvested some daikon leaves for salad (with goma dressing) and some cuttings (my precious lemon basil which was stolen from my new apartment's corridor, i.e. my new garden *haha*).
Daikon (White Radish). The leaves and the root can be eaten.
This is someone else's garden =D He has 3 of them!!!
Ginger flowers
I will continue with the gardening centre trip in another post because I forgot to take photos of what I had bought there.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Japanese Tamagoyaki

I always wanted to make Tamagoyaki because I have this preconceived notion that it is the ultimate dish to put inside a bento, which I used to make for work.

Unfortunately I didn't have the appropriate frying pan. Now that I have bought one for my new kitchen, I decided I must take it out for a test drive.

I know the desired effect is to have a golden yellow Tamagoyaki, but I like golden brown better =D
 So how? Can I be an excellent Japanese Hausfrau now hahaha?
I made Tamagoyaki (technically an inaccurate version because mine has milk and not dashi), rice with endamame, kimchi pork (chucked in some egg tofu) and vegetables suppe.Actually  the kimchi pork doesn't go that well with the soup and the egg, but I was too lazy to go downstairs to the supermarket. Yes, the supermarket is now downstairs, which is why I paid $$$$$$$ for this bloody apartment.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Literally Having a Dickface

Now I have seen everything.
A MV dedicated to my favorite nasty term of affection.
And the song is even catchy! I find my head (the one on top of my body, unfortunately the last time I checked, I still don't have the one in front of it) bobbing along to the refrain. BIG BAD WOLF!!!! Updated!!! B1 was very traumatized. It was tremendous fun watching his eyes widen at the peeing and the clubbing scenes (where the woman lifted her skirt). Hahahahahahhahaha.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Zweite Essen habe Ich zu Haus gekocht

Ehrlich Spaghetti. Ich habe gemogelt mitteis fertiggestellt Tomatenmark.=D

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sojabohnen Eis

As I was saying to Herrmann and Kari, I made Sojabohnen Eis after I started assuaging my cough with Mr Bean Ice Cream. Unfortunately nobody tried to hack the recipe for Mr Bean Ice Cream, so I found some generic soy bean icecream rezept thinking that I could make something similar.

One of the rezept requires soy milk, tofu, honey and yoghurt. Technically soy yoghurt, but I couldn't find it so I used natural yoghurt. As I was stirring I was thinking this thing is going to taste damn bloody sour. I was commenting on that to Herrmann, who said that sauer erdbeeren Eis tastes refreshing when das Wetter is hot. Well, I will have to take his word for it. 

Anyway what was infuriating was that I did not place the ice cream properly in the freezer. When I went to stir it after one hour (well, if you are as poor as me and not have an ice-cream maker, you have to go to the freezer and stir the mixture once every hour, 3 times), I forgot to catch the dish and it came apart upon impact with the side of the fridge and spilled all over the floor. *faint*

I was so mad I could cry. I picked up the dish which still had a bit of the ice cream left and poured it into a tiny cup and froze that without the stirring. I hadn't stirred because I was very upset so B1 took me out to eat Mr Bean Ice Cream *talk about cold comfort*. 

Spilled nearly 1litre, left only one tiny half-cup. Seufz.
But I digress. So yeah, I tried it today. Like I predicted, it was a bit sour, so if I swap it with Sahne and an airtight dish next time, I think it will be perfect.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Simple Saturday Dinner

Haven't posted much on what is happening to myself recently. I am learning new stuff everyday, reading and making new stuff for the house (not that I am making excuses but lack of zzz is making retention of newly learnt German very schwierig) And I started violin lessons again. I guess buying an expensive violin does help reinforce the commitment to learning it. 

I have also been trying out my new kitchen. Yes, my tiny galley-like kitchen. The tiny sink is especially trying, and many a time I have been wondering how my Bruder survives his even tinier kitchen. Just cooking there three times has forced me to become a more disciplined cook, cleaning as I cook. Much to the delight of B1 who does the washing up. 

And because I am still treating the place like a chalet, I have to freeze some of the fresh produce or they will spoil. Which is why I had to wait for hours yesterday because I forgot to thaw some of the stuff before I went out. Silly.

We have been using Onkel's tiny brown chair for a dining table (Japanese-style). Ich habe Kung Pao Hänchen, Schwein Ball und Miso Suppe gekocht. B1 und ich lieben essen die Kung Pao.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


As someone who is too fond of "shift-delete", I sometimes delete the wrong folder in my haste. This is where FreeUndelete comes in. It is quite effective and fast. *thumbs up*

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Because of You Violin Score


Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 《天黑黑》 Violin Score

This is a super old song from Stefanie Sun, our local artiste who became very famous in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. I am not sure what's the English name? Kannt nicht Sky Black Black sein, nicht wahr? =D

Here's the music video for those who don't listen to Chinese songs but are game enough to try the score (it's a very friendly score *thumbs up*):

[Original Site]

I must say I am a bloody realist. I only start sharing music scores again when I am learning my violin. Bloody left arm is very stiff!!! Talk about punishment for not practising enough...btw I am sorry about the shit sizing, but I have no choice, bloody Google counts any size above 800X800 and I rather go for (all 4!!!) wisdom teeth extraction than use Google Plus (which apparently entitles you to sizes below 2048X2048). Don't blame me, blame Google =D. Or you can go to the original site and download the images. Eigentlich I only post images as contingency plan in case they shut off the original site or the images.

We Asians like to celebrate Sex

Nothing like a provocative title. We shall see how long it takes before Google bots and crawlers pick this up *haha*.

So I guess you know about the Fertility festival held annually at Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival at Hachiman-gu Shrine (interesting how Japanese celebrate fertility with a giant phallus, not an "Abalone". And  wish Lee Chapman took more shots of girls licking the Phallus-shaped lollies. I kinda stopped reading his blog because he takes increasingly gritty and depressing photos as compared to his yesteryear shots). But bet you didn't know about the Cheju's Love Land oder Jejuloveland.  Neither did I. 
Seems utterly appropriate for the blog given its Title, though I am not sure this is made of Plasticine. [Image and Article Source: Tokyotimes]
How has it been that so many people I know who go to Cheju island, didn't tell me about this intriguing park? Nope, all they tell me is that they visited the teddy bear museum. zzz. Who gives a shit about those furry bastards (so says the person who sleeps with a toy menagerie).

《她说》 钢琴乐谱 JJ Lim "She says" Piano Score

Even though it is not a violin piece, I decided to label it with the violin pieces that I share, for easier access.=d Appreciate if any kind soul shares with me the violin version. I am not smart enough to derive the violin version from this myself.

Here's the music video for the song.

[original site: 虫虫钢琴]

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love & Science

I read this in Sempe's Mixed Messages. He provided the illustrations for one of my favorite children books, Le Petit Nicolas.  Thought it was very cute so I decided to share.

Monday, October 17, 2011

There is more than one way to skin a Cat

Before SPCA and animal lovers go up in arms, I must disclaim here, this is a idiom, ok?

Anyway, recently I realized that using excel formula can complement and expedite sql extractions (sorry if it sounds unclear, but I cannot divulge too many details). For my own reference and knowledge sharing, here goes:

To retrieve a certain part of a string
extract 3 from I love you :-3  (assuming in cell A60)

use a new column with the formula =MID(A60, FIND (":", A60)+1,2). It will retain -3.
The Mid function extracts a substring from a string (starting at any position), while FIND function finds the position in the cell. If you want the string after :, then use +1 as the starting position after :, i.e. -.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My three most important men in CoH =D

Googlher - A Google Vibrator for the female Geek

It is a vibrator that your computer can pulsate you via USB everytime Google pings your browser.

Googling will never be the same again.
No wonder they say GIYBF. =D
Or everyone likes to come to Google.
Google Buzz.

Free Art and Technology teaches you how to make your own Googlher *haha* (image source is from the same site).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Uncle's Armchairs

Warning: Take heart, this is going to be a super long post, since it combines the chairs and their cushion covers.

Painting the Chairs
I went a little paintbrush crazy towards the later half of my mission "Refurbish Uncle's furniture" (Uncle being the dude who sold this apartment to us at a super exorbitant price, thus turning us overnight from Yuppies to Paupies). So far I had painted a rattan chair yellow (regret, should have just thrown it away, they were too oversized for the apartment. What a waste of paint, and given that 5 persons had different approaches to painting that chair, resulted in a patchy end result -.-"). my table legs green, and a chandelier blue. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will all come together in the end.

B1 and I became fairly traumatized by the entire painting episode, me more so, because I did the bulk of the painting and the sanding, being the fussy one who wants the damn things to be painted JUST SO. I now cannot finish my painting of the lime, lemon, orange and tangerine, because the sight of a paintbrush makes my hands tingle.

Chair in its original state. You can't see the deep scratches here.
Some of the furniture left behind were these late 1980's style one-seater armchairs (they look like Teak, but they are not). There was a three-seater armchair as well, but two of the wood panels were repaired ones, and I don't think I want to risk our butts. I am not even sure how heavy was the person who broke them in the first place? Those poor chairs were put through some major abuse, scratch marks and grooves, did those people do some humping there or something? I could be sitting on the aftermath of some porno movie set.

So given my observation on how strong these panels are, I decided to take the three-seater apart, and keep them in the storeroom as backup for the two one-seaters when theirs break. Much to B1's chagrin, of course. 

I thought about it. Did I want to keep the chairs in their original color, i.e. just sand down to remove the nasty scratches on them and do a mahogany finish? Or stick to my theme, and turn them white. Lesson No 1. Think of the future. First idea was better. But since I had leftover wallpaint, I did the chairs white and thus a great disservice.

Sanded down. Well, sort of, I was sick of the sander by the time I reached the armchairs
Lesson No 2. I am not a patient painter, just dollops of paint, which kept seeping into the chair. I am now despairing on how to get the paint out and do a nice coat of furniture paint. But I will think about that when the time comes.

Chair Cushion Seats
So the arm chairs came with some cushions (10 of them). I went about checking on how much it would cost to tailor made cushions, like Mutter did for our own furniture (it cost her $1500 back in 2008). The most friendly price was the default sized cushions from this Toa Payoh shop, they had four grades, and I chose the most expensive ones @$20. The ones I wanted to get were S$60 a custom-cut cushion (not including cushion covers), which of course helped to influence my decision to take apart the three-seater.

The Toa Payoh auntie was a cow, she kept forgetting my order (she said that the cushions were not available and were specially made in Malaysia), that one month had passed, and I had come back from Hanoi, and the bloody cushions were still not ready. I had to make several calls and visits before she finally got someone to deliver to our doorstep. The cushion covers were ready before the cushions were.

Cushion Covers - Verbal Tussle with Vietnamese Upholsterers
While waiting for the paint to dry on the long suffering chairs, I flew to Hanoi for a holiday. After reading how expert sewers the Vietnamese were, I decided to bring one of the old cushion covers with me. I had tried the cushion cover on the default sized cushions at the Toa Payoh shop and discovered they were a perfect fit.

Before I left, I decided to translate my orders into Vietnamese using Google Translate. Not a great success,  in the end I had to rely on the Vietnamese-English dictionary I won from the library three years ago, and I only made the default cushion covers (I had also wanted to make cushion covers for those hideous rattan chairs).

I had interrogated poor Ductuan like mad in CoH and via email on how to get around in Hanoi, and most importantly where to find tailors in Vietnam (I had also wanted to make a dress, and naively thought that tailors/seamstresses could also make cushion covers, if the price was right). Ductuan bought his stuff ready-made, as he admitted, so he hazarded a guess and told me to try Quang Trung.

So the first day when we reached Hanoi, I cajoled one of my companions to go with me to Quang Trung. Well, when we got there, there was not a single tailor in sight, so I popped into a bank and asked them for help (figuring they could probably speak English). One of the ladies did speak some English, and she told us that there was no tailor shop along the street. When we walked out, she sent the policeman after us to call us back, and she then gave me a number to a seamstress shop in Lo Su. Like I mentioned in the other entry (highlighted url), the lady's son gave us directions to Cua Dong, where the upholsterers were. I believe now that he also mentioned Hang Dieu, but because there were so many Hangs, we kind of missed it the first time.

The Cua Dong upholsterers were aggressive. They refused my business because they couldn't speak English nor read my written Vietnamese very well. Just an abrasive wave away like we were flies. Crestfallen, we decided to make our way back to the hotel, where we got lost and passed through Hang Dieu, which was the other road with Upholsterers. Since I was stubborn, I decided to try my luck again, and went into the shop. I passed the lady a sample, and she quoted me 18,000 dong each cushion cover (which was kind of bullshit). I wanted to order 8 cushion covers from her, but decided since it was the first day (not sure if I had enough USD and Dong to cover my trip expenses), and I wasn't sure on how well she understood me, that I should withhold 4 from the order. But that is after I negotiated her down to 16000 dong (I suck at negotiations and her poker face dealt me a fatal blow), which is about S$10 a cushion cover. Btw I came back and discovered that cushion covers are about S$39 to S$59 each in a Woodlands Upholsterer's.  I was a bit irritated at the time, because I had anticipated that they would cost about US$5 each at most.
The red line signifies the path we took from our lunch place and the red dots, the bank and shops we stopped at
So five days later when I returned to Hanoi, I went to collect the cushion covers, ready to make the additional 4. The Upholsterers made the cushion covers too narrow. I could see it the minute I laid eyes on them. I was rather annoyed, and pointed out the mistake to the girl, who didn't believe me. I made her hold out the sample I gave her against one completed cushion. And it was pretty darn obvious, that the cushion covers can only cover a Japanese Zaisu cushion. Embarrassed, the lady told me to come back later in the afternoon. 

She did them correctly the second time around, but she refused to give me the leftover cloth samples that were also in the bag. Stingy. I decided against doing the other 4 covers.

At S$10 a pop, you would think I could have gotten something better? But the material is admittedly not bad. Lasting.
So after two months of effort, here is my chair. Lesson no 3. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Now my cushions will be naked whenever I wash my cushion covers. Another trip to Hanoi is NECESSARY.
Rilakkuma in the UFO machine, I am coming for you. I want the one in ze Blue Pyjamas.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love what you do.

Steve's famous last speech. Don't settle. Don't lose faith. You got to find what you love. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only time to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. Your time is limited so don't live someone else's life. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

rIp Steve. You were inspirational, even though I HATE APPLE.

Argentina's Dancing with the Stars is very special

Disclaimer: I am assuming you are 18 years old or older when you are reading this blog. I refuse to take any responsibility for the corruption of young minds.
Updated!!! I finally found the original clip that got me started on this entry :)
I was reading a Daily Mail article on Argentina's Dancing with the Stars being very raunchy, so being the KPO person I am, I decided to hunt the clip down because it was removed in Youtube (an irony considering that the actual dance was shown on Argentina's National TV). Apparently that was not the only dance that was that ahem exciting. I found another one which I find even more disturbing. I do not think that this can be considered as dancing, since the camera was panned on the woman's butt most of the whole time. More like a provocative strip tease. And then the reaction by the host at the end, was probably due to sexual frustration. You must pity the man. It must be horrible to be the host and miss out on all the naked women gyrating against you. Especially the last part.

Even I wished I was the male dancer. *winks* Can you imagine how many times he got to practise this before the actual dance on TV?
I am torn between thinking wtf and wondering if it is possible to get Argentina TV on cable.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nothing can stand between me and Company of Heroes

I was having a super irritating day at work, and my mood did not improve when I saw that there is another Android developer team which called themselves "nibbleware" WTF.

Since it was too late to go to the game arcade (I had to OT and the problem was still not resolved!!!), I wanted to play some CoH. However since yesterday, the stupid DVDRW drive has not been cooperating and refused to open. And my stupid internet connection kept dropping on and off, so CoH required me to login with my game disc.

There was no time for me to buy a new drive. I stood in front of the CPU looking extremely frustrated. No amount of pressing would force the drive to yield. So suddenly I kicked the drive (the CPU is on the floor, I am not that flexible). Yes the CPU that is holding onto my three precious hard disks containing all my work.

And the mother fucker opened.


Monday, October 3, 2011

New Blog created - Schnappi und Other Krokodil

I am not sure why but I think I am still a bit traumatized by what happened the other time when I shared a blog. Initially I wanted to add the long suffering Schnappi as an author to this blog, thinking that he would be able to edit my German übung directly. 

Found out the hard way that it is impossible, unless I set him as co-admin.

But anyway, after I added him as author, I felt this incredible naked feeling. I think it's got to do with the fact that this blog is becoming too personal. Initially it was supposed to be for my android development and food. Instead it is turning into a major bitchfest about everything happening to me.

So I created another one that we will be sharing. It will totally be in German. It is the "Schnappi" tab, otherwise the direct url is 

If you understand German, do visit us at Schnappi (das Große Krokodil)!!! Anyway just to be irritating, I put my beloved Company of Heroes as background image. Hahaha.

Oh Google is evil again. Now I have to upgrade my storage because I ran out of the 1024GB free space. Damn. Now I have to change all my pictures to shitty quality. What a nightmare. How can Google encourage people to use Google+ and whatever, yet limit them to 1GB of storage for photos? *silent scream*

Oh I know why now, it is because I wouldn't create a Google+ account, and I have alot of pics that are 1200X1600. Refer to this from their FAQ on Free Storage sizes:

If you've signed up for Google+

Free storage limits

Photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards your free storage.

Automatic resizing

All photos uploaded in Google+ will be automatically resized to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) and won't count towards your free storage quota.

All photos uploaded  to Picasa Web Albums over the free size limit will count towards your 1 GB of free storage. When you reach your storage limit, any new photos you upload to Picasa Web larger than the free size limit will be automatically resized to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge).

If you haven't signed up for Google+

Free storage limits

Photos up to 800 x 800 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't count towards your free storage.

Automatic resizing

All photos uploaded over the free size limit will count towards your 1 GB of free storage. When you reach your storage limit, any new photos you upload to Picasa Web larger than the free size limit will be automatically resized to 800 pixels (on their longest edge).

Sunday, October 2, 2011



Lazy Coders are doomed to be punished

I don't consider myself to be a coder. Can't be, when I spend my nights in front of the pc playing COH instead of doing constructive work. Haven't started on anything other than upgrading the latest SDK. Yawn. Doesn't help that I am still mad at Google.

Now I am supposed to change something for Ubinuri and I am mentally face2palming myself because I realize I changed all the words in the game back to English already. Stupid. Should have dumped everything into the xmls instead. Idiot!!!!

Better stop being a lazy ass and finish the stuff already. The best part of working with the South Korean team is that they test my shitty app for me. For free. And they post the video so that you can see what they mean. I don't even have a working phone anymore, let alone testing the app with other functionality (e.g. phone calls) so all this testing is definitely invaluable. Absolutely priceless.

And if I finally get off my ass to do the other coding, I will definitely push the game to them for testing. *wicked grin*

Saturday, October 1, 2011


My stupid new beloved Smelly Cat bag (S$6), which I had bought in Hanoi, made me lose my expensive Coach prescription sunglasses (S$350). Fell out. Whoever picked up my sunglasses, fuck you, and good luck using my 450 degree myopic lenses. But then with Lasik being so prevalent, I suppose that the person can just go to the Optician and say "Hey I had Lasik so now I want my lenses to be perfect vision."

B1 comforted me for a while then he said that it was because I am such a tight pussy that I usually buy very cheap stuff, so when I buy expensive stuff I treat them as carelessly as my cheap stuff, after I become conditioned to them being my property.

Mein Neffe has his priorities screwed on right!

Gestern war mein Neffes Geburstag. Er ist jetzt 1 Jahr alt. 

Am Freitag Abend haben wir im Tung Lok Restaurant gefeiert. Der Service war wunderbar, und das Essen, meistens appetitlich. Die Krabbenchilli war würzig aber sauer (Ja, sauer, nicht süß). Das Lustigste Teil war wenn die Kellnerin fragt wir, was die Krabben nett? Wir sagen, ungewöhnlich, wir essen sauer Krabbenchilli bevor nie. [Schnappi korrigeret: wir sagten, es war seltsam, weil wir nie zuvor saures krabbenchilie gegessen hatten] 

Die Kellnerin sieht überrascht. 

>>Eh, die Krabben sollen süß sein. Vielleicht der Koch zu viel gekocht, so ihre seine Geschmacksnerven ging schief.<< [Schnappi korrigeret: >>dadurch sind seine geschmacksnerven kaputt gegangen<<]

Wir sind voll danach Abendbrot. Denn dort war die Kuchen... mein Bruder hat die Kuchen in Pine Garden gekauft. Pine Garden ist für ihre Lychee Martini Kuchen berühmt (bekannt). Die Kuchen hat Orangenschale Torte  und Schokolade Torte. Sie bedeckt in Blauer Frabe Creme und hat Sesam Straß Charakter.

Woher ist Oskar?


So back to what I was saying in the title, my nephew Captain Adorable, is as greedy as his Tante. No wonder I feel this awesome love for the little degenerate. I admire his manly persistence haha, in trying new foods. When we let him try Almond Jelly after he wheedled and whined, he made a WTF face, but he still wanted more. Hahaha. 

Since it was his first year birthday, they did the Chinese tradition of putting items in front of the baby to see what he would grab. The boy knew his priorities, he grabbed the hardboiled egg, then the chicken drumstick, in lieu of the calculator and pen and whatever not. I am not quite sure what the egg and chicken drumstick are supposed to symbolise but my brother was asking for it, knowing his son's greed =D.

Mutter said that my brother grabbed the calculator. I said I wasn't surprised he is such a tight pussy *haha*.

What was INFURIATING was that today I suddenly recalled Mutter didn't say what I took as a one year old baby. So I asked her, she said nothing. We didn't do anything for you because YOU ARE A GIRL.

Fuck shit. No wonder I am always trying to prove I can do anything a guy can do.

This is why I need a DSLR

Romance @ Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

I didn't realize this but the romantic lives of the people of Hanoi revolve around Hoan Kiem Lake. They woo their girlfriends there, they take their wedding photos there, they stroll or exercise there as old couples. In one afternoon, I could count 10 couples taking their wedding photos just from one side of the lake where my cab driver drove past! They especially like taking a photo under this gate.
Mr B also liked the lake, well I did. I think I walked past this lake many times, especially the first day when I was trying to buy my stupid cushion covers.

Yet another bridal couple!


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