Thursday, October 6, 2011

Argentina's Dancing with the Stars is very special

Disclaimer: I am assuming you are 18 years old or older when you are reading this blog. I refuse to take any responsibility for the corruption of young minds.
Updated!!! I finally found the original clip that got me started on this entry :)
I was reading a Daily Mail article on Argentina's Dancing with the Stars being very raunchy, so being the KPO person I am, I decided to hunt the clip down because it was removed in Youtube (an irony considering that the actual dance was shown on Argentina's National TV). Apparently that was not the only dance that was that ahem exciting. I found another one which I find even more disturbing. I do not think that this can be considered as dancing, since the camera was panned on the woman's butt most of the whole time. More like a provocative strip tease. And then the reaction by the host at the end, was probably due to sexual frustration. You must pity the man. It must be horrible to be the host and miss out on all the naked women gyrating against you. Especially the last part.

Even I wished I was the male dancer. *winks* Can you imagine how many times he got to practise this before the actual dance on TV?
I am torn between thinking wtf and wondering if it is possible to get Argentina TV on cable.

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