Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lazy Coders are doomed to be punished

I don't consider myself to be a coder. Can't be, when I spend my nights in front of the pc playing COH instead of doing constructive work. Haven't started on anything other than upgrading the latest SDK. Yawn. Doesn't help that I am still mad at Google.

Now I am supposed to change something for Ubinuri and I am mentally face2palming myself because I realize I changed all the words in the game back to English already. Stupid. Should have dumped everything into the xmls instead. Idiot!!!!

Better stop being a lazy ass and finish the stuff already. The best part of working with the South Korean team is that they test my shitty app for me. For free. And they post the video so that you can see what they mean. I don't even have a working phone anymore, let alone testing the app with other functionality (e.g. phone calls) so all this testing is definitely invaluable. Absolutely priceless.

And if I finally get off my ass to do the other coding, I will definitely push the game to them for testing. *wicked grin*

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