Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 《天黑黑》 Violin Score

This is a super old song from Stefanie Sun, our local artiste who became very famous in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. I am not sure what's the English name? Kannt nicht Sky Black Black sein, nicht wahr? =D

Here's the music video for those who don't listen to Chinese songs but are game enough to try the score (it's a very friendly score *thumbs up*):

[Original Site]

I must say I am a bloody realist. I only start sharing music scores again when I am learning my violin. Bloody left arm is very stiff!!! Talk about punishment for not practising enough...btw I am sorry about the shit sizing, but I have no choice, bloody Google counts any size above 800X800 and I rather go for (all 4!!!) wisdom teeth extraction than use Google Plus (which apparently entitles you to sizes below 2048X2048). Don't blame me, blame Google =D. Or you can go to the original site and download the images. Eigentlich I only post images as contingency plan in case they shut off the original site or the images.

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