Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Asians like to celebrate Sex

Nothing like a provocative title. We shall see how long it takes before Google bots and crawlers pick this up *haha*.

So I guess you know about the Fertility festival held annually at Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival at Hachiman-gu Shrine (interesting how Japanese celebrate fertility with a giant phallus, not an "Abalone". And  wish Lee Chapman took more shots of girls licking the Phallus-shaped lollies. I kinda stopped reading his blog because he takes increasingly gritty and depressing photos as compared to his yesteryear shots). But bet you didn't know about the Cheju's Love Land oder Jejuloveland.  Neither did I. 
Seems utterly appropriate for the blog given its Title, though I am not sure this is made of Plasticine. [Image and Article Source: Tokyotimes]
How has it been that so many people I know who go to Cheju island, didn't tell me about this intriguing park? Nope, all they tell me is that they visited the teddy bear museum. zzz. Who gives a shit about those furry bastards (so says the person who sleeps with a toy menagerie).

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