Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mutters Garten Part II

I know that my mother's friend (let's call her G for generous and kind) has a discount at a gardening centre because she runs a florist business. So being the tight pussy I am, I decided to stay up all night Friday then accompany my mother and her friends to their garden. We will then head to the gardening centre which is nicht weit von the garden. This way, I thought, was the best because I can play CoH and still go to the garden. I have attempted to go a few times before, but because I play CoH till 3am on Fridays, and my mother heads for the garden at 645am, there is no way I can wake up with at best 3 hours of sleep.
Look at all that water *pissed* 3 inches deep!!!
Cranky from lack of zzz (me only), we arrived at the garden to discover that the place was flooded. Recently Singapore has been experiencing a lot of rain, which is so different from a few weeks ago, G said, because they had to pump water into the very dry garden then. 
Lady's fingers and flower
Our neighbour (we had gotten to know G through her) was being a cow as usual. She immediately tasked me to shovel the water out. I wouldn't mind at all if she also helped as well. But no, she decided to do the easier job of harvesting the fruits and vegetables. Clever. And then she got mad at me, because I slipped on the water. When I did, I immediately grabbed at the nearest tall plant, which was a budding banana tree, to steady myself. There were several of them, all planted by her, and not bearing fruits at all.

But I only managed to grab a banana leaf. Fortunately I managed to right myself. Gott sei dank, because I have a persistent back injury, and I was going to become very nasty looking if I had fallen in the dirty water. All the preying in Kirche (CoHers will know which one I mean) must have helped *giggle*. She decided to go on and on about how I might have destroyed her plant. Woman, there are 3 banana trees!!! And it was an accident!!!

While I ignored her (other than thinking *censored* in my mind), I was very surprised when my mother muttered about it later to G while we three were heading to the gardening centre. My mother was actually mad at our neighbour about the incident, and asked G if our neighbour thought that a bloody banana plant is more precious than her daughter (meaning me). I am even more surprised that I am surprised that Mutter is angry on my behalf. Guess I am not used to people standing in my corner, until I have forgotten Mutter is my greatest Cheerleader. She has supported me through various trials and events in my life, esp prize giving ceremonies, and presentations at prestigious events (she wasn't invited, but we don't care!) and *censored*.

Back to the stupid water. Before I fell down, I lifted the shovel and thought to myself, this is really inefficient to use a shovel because it is heavy and cannot carry much water at each lift. So I asked Mutter if there was something else I could use, she passed me two dustpans *so lucky*. I happily pushed water from one dustpan to another and got more water out at each attempt. It was kind of fun, even though I would have much preferred to be harvesting the vegetables.

Mutter and G helped me as well after they finished their own tasks and soon we managed to get rid of most of the water. G even passed me a scissors and said I could take anything I wanted from the garden. So I took some seed (I dumped them into the same bag, this should be fun when I start planting my own garden) and harvested some daikon leaves for salad (with goma dressing) and some cuttings (my precious lemon basil which was stolen from my new apartment's corridor, i.e. my new garden *haha*).
Daikon (White Radish). The leaves and the root can be eaten.
This is someone else's garden =D He has 3 of them!!!
Ginger flowers
I will continue with the gardening centre trip in another post because I forgot to take photos of what I had bought there.

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