Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sojabohnen Eis

As I was saying to Herrmann and Kari, I made Sojabohnen Eis after I started assuaging my cough with Mr Bean Ice Cream. Unfortunately nobody tried to hack the recipe for Mr Bean Ice Cream, so I found some generic soy bean icecream rezept thinking that I could make something similar.

One of the rezept requires soy milk, tofu, honey and yoghurt. Technically soy yoghurt, but I couldn't find it so I used natural yoghurt. As I was stirring I was thinking this thing is going to taste damn bloody sour. I was commenting on that to Herrmann, who said that sauer erdbeeren Eis tastes refreshing when das Wetter is hot. Well, I will have to take his word for it. 

Anyway what was infuriating was that I did not place the ice cream properly in the freezer. When I went to stir it after one hour (well, if you are as poor as me and not have an ice-cream maker, you have to go to the freezer and stir the mixture once every hour, 3 times), I forgot to catch the dish and it came apart upon impact with the side of the fridge and spilled all over the floor. *faint*

I was so mad I could cry. I picked up the dish which still had a bit of the ice cream left and poured it into a tiny cup and froze that without the stirring. I hadn't stirred because I was very upset so B1 took me out to eat Mr Bean Ice Cream *talk about cold comfort*. 

Spilled nearly 1litre, left only one tiny half-cup. Seufz.
But I digress. So yeah, I tried it today. Like I predicted, it was a bit sour, so if I swap it with Sahne and an airtight dish next time, I think it will be perfect.

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