Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nothing can stand between me and Company of Heroes

I was having a super irritating day at work, and my mood did not improve when I saw that there is another Android developer team which called themselves "nibbleware" WTF.

Since it was too late to go to the game arcade (I had to OT and the problem was still not resolved!!!), I wanted to play some CoH. However since yesterday, the stupid DVDRW drive has not been cooperating and refused to open. And my stupid internet connection kept dropping on and off, so CoH required me to login with my game disc.

There was no time for me to buy a new drive. I stood in front of the CPU looking extremely frustrated. No amount of pressing would force the drive to yield. So suddenly I kicked the drive (the CPU is on the floor, I am not that flexible). Yes the CPU that is holding onto my three precious hard disks containing all my work.

And the mother fucker opened.


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