Saturday, August 27, 2011

The dining table - I make no apologies for my love for colors

The Onkel left behind 2 dining tables, one a pretty metalic and glass table (in the dining area), another a ugly, dusty black, chipped table with dark glass (in the kitchen). Oh surprise, we discovered to our horror that the one in the dining room was actually spoilt. You could not put anything on it without it shaking like it is on a earthquake zone.
We had to prop it against the wall and fridge to stop it from shaking
Damn. Useless table. I couldn't even salvage the glass. So we had to swap it with the ugly one, and moved it to the kitchen, to await the Salvation Army people, in case they had some tools that could stop it from shaking and sell it. Turns out... no. We ended up calling the Town Council to help us chuck the stuff. Which ended up as another story, because the Town Council turned up earlier than expected and carried away the wrong stuff *sigh*.
Sorry about the mess, we were sorting out what to keep (before renovation)

B1 opined that the black table went better with our hideous chairs (which everyone else thinks look expensive). But I hated black (after going through my black and white phase), especially in a room that already looks gloomy in the afternoon. Not only that, the wood was splintering at the feet.

I toyed with the idea of painting the table blue to match my Tiffany-colored light, but the problem was that I had blue patterned kitchen tiles and I wasn't that fond of blue. So I mixed my yellow and blue paint and made a lurid green paint.
Before sandpapering nightmare
But first I had to sandpaper down the table. I understand what Bryan Wong from Renaissance felt. I hate sandpapering too, and I didn't even do a clean job like he did. Mine looked like a wooden table had an accident with a road tarring vehicle.
We painted the undercoat
I was reading and they recommended doing two undercoats. Well, bad idea. Turned out it was too thick? Maybe because I was being a tight pussy, and reused the undercoat paint that my Vater had bought for the light *keke*.
Being a mixologist for paint. 2 tablespoons of blue and 2 tablespoons of yellow
I am quite a messy painter, I traipsed through the house with green, yellow and blue paint under my foot

The final product
I thought the table looks pretty =D. Now I need to sort out what I intend to do about the chairs. Hmm.

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