Saturday, August 20, 2011

Child's play @ Singapore Art Museum

I think this is so much fun. I wish there was enough time for me to try the disc art as well. Sigh. =D It's part of a series called "Art Garden".

Maybe I should go another day and do my little girls (that sounds wrong, ich muss weiderholen). I mean the little girls I draw like the one you see above?

I liked the little Indian girl's psychedelic socks. Too bad it can't be seen here. Check out the rest of the stuff done by others. Who said we aren't creative~!

Wah...I could hear that they were trying to a Angry Bird.

I thought they were so clever. Turns out they stole this group's idea (took the pic from the wall and blatantly copied)
Check out the Mona Lisa on top.
I only noticed it when I looked through the photos @ home. Shit. Should have paid more attention.
The pictures in planning phases.

 These fruits are made from paper patterns, which you can buy for S$1 (I think?)

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