Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes It does take a lot of effort

We went to this place for my mother's birthday celebration. I am not sure why, but the other time I went there with B1, I hated it (granted I did not order steamboat). Now that I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt because Miss Piggy's family seems to like it... and then I still hate it.

It is a fishhead steamboat place at Upper Serangoon, with a white signboard.

The lady boss conned us into eating fried pig trotters and fried intestines (initially I wanted fried intestines and boiled intestines to test their cooking ability, but my mother was intrigued by trotters, and since it was her birthday...)

Then when the dishes came, I was annoyed because (1) Should be boiled intestines, but she got it wrong. (2) The skins are clearly burnt.

She asked me how the dishes were, I said they are “太过熟”. She said, "是这样的, 我们花了很多功夫做的." And then she went into the spiel of how it is made. I was thinking caustically to myself, ye, it does take a lot of effort to get the food overcooked to this degree... No wonder they doused so much Thai chili sauce on it. It is to camouflage the fact that the meat is too dry...

The best part was that later, when the steamboat came, I almost vomited because the soup was so damn bitter.  She didn't clean the seaweed, nor checked the taste of the seaweed before she took it out. It totally destroyed the soup. 

I refused to eat anymore, it was the most horrible meal EVER.

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