Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mad about Garlic - I have a date with Edward (the Twilight vampire)!!!

I wish.

He wishes not, I bet. Because we ordered VIEL VIEL garlic. Haha.
Garlic Snow Pizza - It had prawns! So tiny, as compared to the garlic slices... I gave mine to Teletubby

As usual, we OTed till late, and Mr Fancy Pants was very annoyed because he had to wait for us for 1.5 hours. In the end, by the time we reached Suntec, we realized to our horror, that we still had to queue for a table. Oh horrors. I think we finally got a table at 8.30pm? Or was it 9pm?
What a happy coincidence, he hates to take photos and I want to take a pic of everything and the menu.
My camera quality sux. Canon, I am not being delighted as always
Wineade? WTF?
So anyway Standard Chartered credit card holders could use this option of ordering a dessert and 2 "ades" to accompany their meal. Since we ordered a lot of main courses (6) and 2 pizzas, we decided to use this option twice, thus getting 4 drinks and 2 desserts, and then order another drink. 
The dudes all ordered this yujaade, which is basically 柚子, while I ordered a wineade, which is red wine flavoring *haha*. We ordered two pizzas, the ever popular Garlic Snowing Pizza and Meat Dipping Pizza because I wouldn't eat shrimp and Fancy Pants, beef. I was very surprised why the Meat Dipping Pizza came vegetarian-looking with a separate dish for the beef, despite the name, until I saw how Teletubby spread out the meat on the pizza.
Turned out the prawns were so tiny, so I just scrapped my one off and gave it to Teletubby
Looked more like a vegetarian pizza with meat as an afterthought
Eeee. It reminds me of something. Luckily he did this after I finished eating
Boob Bro's seafood risotto


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