Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is why I am fat 2

We came across this stall "Big Bitez" (I think that is the name, it's been 3 days and I am old) at the coffee shop we were going to eat at. I had been surreptitiously staring into everyone's plate as I walked past, trying to figure out what is the popular food items sold there (I was very badly brought up *winks*).

There was a table where a group of teenage boys were ALL eating western food (I alternate being  a pedobear and a lesbian). One boy had two lumps of mashed potatoes (they looked like fake brown bikinied tits) and another was eating two baked potatoes. I was very intrigued.

So B1 and I both ordered from this stall. I demurred on ordering baked potato and mashed potatoes, because I am already a fat brown bear (lots of OT, tons of CoH and zero swimming have made it worse), and asked B1 to help me order baked potato and garden veggies with my cheesy chicken. When it came, it was baked potato and mashed potatoes. Look at that mountain of calories + fat!!!

B1 denied being old. *haha*. He said that he did try to order garden veggies, but they were sold out, and then the auntie mixed up his and my side orders. So B1 kept swopping in on my plate to steal my potatoes. 

Absolutely delish, like all fattening foods are... the baked potato was sweet, even if you don't take into consideration the Japanese mayo they dumped on it. The mashed potato had a similar taste to that of KFC's, me thinks... i.e. fat from the fryer!!!

Too much cheese on a plate. I was coughing like mad after that. Fortunately I have a new staff who is paranoid that I am not drinking enough H2O and has been very helpfully replenishing my supply as I am either too busy or too lazy to walk to the water cooler. +1 point for her being so considerate.

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