Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Tiffany Chandelier

I don't know if it is bloody inflation or something, aber lights are TEUER in Singapur. So as you know, the Onkel left us some furniture, half of which has removed by B1 who accuses me of being a hoarder or Karang guni (2nd hand shop seller) in any breath, another quarter that have been destroyed or stolen by our shitty gay shit Contractor, also known as Donny the Cunt. 

I could go on about the Cunt for days. 

But anyway, so I am left with one quarter of the furniture, thankfully most of which I wanted in the first place. Many battles had been forged with B1 over the them, as the Onkel's furniture are of inconsistent colors, varying from maroon, dark brown, to black, and of varying conditions. All dark, some broken somewhere. Initially I wanted to go all black and white, but somehow I couldn't do it. In the end, my color themes are RGBY. He still wants to chuck them out, and now adds on a new insult. He says I am trying to paint a kindergarten, because I went overboard with the colors. *pui*

It's not my fault,

He has forgotten how poor we are. The real estate agents are being sarcastic/annoying, they keep planting brochures outside our apartment, psyching us to sell the unit. I picked one up, oh congrats, we are the idiots who paid the highest price for such a unit in the area. Someone pity us the fools.

Whatever. So among the stuff left behind, there was a really rusty chandelier. A really ugly one with brown and transparent nobs. I thought of throwing it out, thinking of the amount of effort to clean it. But a real (and nice looking chandelier) can cost minimally some hundreds of dollars, so I had to suck it up.

I am not sure whether it is rust but there was this strange green powder on it... I thought rust is brown?

How the chandelier looked like
Anyway it was a pain to get rid off. In the end, Vater broke the light down into the individual stems so that it would be easier for me to clean them. He said he would put it together for me again, when done.
Broken down
He bought some undercoat paint. Cleaning took 3 days (technically after work, so I had to do it from 8pm to 12midnight every night, with Vater's help as well), before I could paint the undercoat. The undercoat was necessary in this case, because I needed the top coat to stay on.
Initially I wanted to have it black and white, sticking to my original theme. But after I finished the undercoat, B1 volunteered to help, so I asked him to apply the black spray paint to it... To my horrors, the spray paint "ate" the undercoat, making the paint job look cracked. *silent scream* He did it to 3 stems, and the top and bottom bell shaped pieces before I could stop him.

I thought I might die. The days of effort... So in the end, I had to clean off the damage and restart the entire process again, clean and apply undercoat. *pissed*. Then I decided to buy paint instead, and while I was at the shop, I was suddenly inspired by Tiffany. Anyway, it is also because my bloody kitchen tiles are not changed and remain that weird ass blue toned tiles, so I decided to switch to a Tiffany blue.

Anyway after 3 weeks of effort, including painting and repainting, Vater helped me put the light together again. Unfortunately, COG doesn't seem to be accurate. It still looks pretty though right? Two regrets, it is even uglier to pain the brown nobs blue, so I left them brown, and I had to keep stupid flowers petaled glasses because I couldn't buy new shades. They contain a hideous brown pattern, which thankfully cannot be seen when the light is on.
End product

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