Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boobs sehen aus wie Buttocks

No... this is not MY cleavage, in case anyone is wondering. This is actually part of this:
Which is my topic today. See how nice I am, I added such a nice butt crack pic. It was way better than what my poor eyes had to endure the other day, when I had the misfortune of standing behind a really large guy who was bent over doing something. His pants was craddling his massive butt and it was pretty tight (so I cannot figure out why was it so low.. Should have gotten caught somewhere above his butt line). It was pretty gross. I had to turn away.

Later in the week, I was standing behind B1 as well. Now his was riding down because he is one skinny ass boy but for some strange reason, I also didn't like his butt crack either. In fact, I don't think I like any butt cracks. Which is strange, because I love boobs. Don't boobs look like butts? And according to some paper I read before, boobs are what butts used to be, when we were apes and bent over. As apes we used to be attracted by the female butt, and that graduated to boobs when apes evolved into humans, i.e. our LOS moved upwards with our bodies. Interestingly, most people like deep cleavages (as demonstrated by all those massive fake breasts Caucasian women love to get). So does it translate that we should also like humongous butt cracks?

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