Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Chili Plant is experiencing Autumn now

Well, ever since I bought the initial lemon basil plant (which has now spawned off many children plants even a stolen one), I decided this was the best and the only way to go without killing myself or the plant in the process.

Not this poor chili plant... It was supposed to be an intriguing chili species that bear fruit which ripen from a weird purple to red. But one day Vater saw some very weird tiny white insects on the live and dead leaves... so he went to mix a tablespoon of vinegar to some water and sprayed my poor plant... It definitely looks like going through Autumn now...

I wanted to get advice from one of the CoH guys on how to revive this dead plant. But I don't see him around in Skype or in CoH, and I am too lazy to do my usual cyberstalking. Too bad then =D.

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