Friday, August 19, 2011

The cyber stalker just got pawned.

I think I might actually die from laughter. I was cyber stalking someone as usual (never give me your full name, you'all). But I suddenly thought of something. What if I google myself under "images"?

What would I see?

So I tried my Englisch name with my Familienname. Almost died laughing, there were so many chicks with that name. No no, that girl in the bikini is not me... and then I decided to try my Vorname with my Familienname. 

Some years ago, I did a research paper which was used in two conferences. The weird ass thing was that, while googling myself then (I was on a narcissistic bend), I came across... a Chinese mainlander chick with the exact same Vorname and Familiename as me. She happened to be doing research as well, but her research field was Mechanics Engineering. Different from me, who was focused on Computer Engineering (well, technically...).

Guess what? She is now in Singapore. And @ my university!!!!

I could die from laughing it is so coincidental. So I am no longer the only idiot in Singapore with that lame name. The only difference would be that she would be considered as "talent" while me as "trash". *haha*.

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