Sunday, August 7, 2011

Finally a bit of luck

I cannot believe it! Some months back, I tried to use the wayback machine to dig up my old blog since my old backup had been lost in the case of the "Great Harddisk Breakdown".

But I was unable to do so. This made me very upset, until I even tried to ask the old Dashchund for it (against B1's advice). The Daschund was my old intellectual whore. He remains as nasty and bitter as ever, and asked me point blank why would he have a copy of it, when I knew that he offloaded my entire blog 4 years ago against my consent.

Depressed, I held this as a sign of more bad luck this year, when I was reading Daily Mail this morning (I cannot remember what article it was), and it mentioned the wayback machine again. I decided to try using the exact url of my old blog. This time I used /*, and I managed to dig up every single archive of my old blog.  So ecstatic!!! Thank you so much WayBack Machine!!! FYI, blogspot is not backed up by Wayback Machine, so make sure to do timely downloads of your blog.

Reading some of it, especially the last year, made me realise that I went through even worse stuff in 2008. Suddenly, 2011 looks pretty awesome by comparison.

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