Saturday, August 20, 2011

2/3 Nibblezware team may NOT be in Hanoi, Vietnam

Two thirds of the Nibblezware team, i.e. Mr B (hopefully I will remember to pack him) and myself, MAY not be in town from 6th Sept to 12th Sept.

We will be in Hanoi, North Vietnam, though I can tell you, I am not looking forward to the trip right now and am planning on not going anymore. I am still very angry about something that has happened last week, and I can tell you the Hanoi trip is starting to read to me as ONE FRIGGING GIANT DISASTER of a DESARU TRIP. I mean if I am going to be abandoned again like I was in Desaru, I might as well go with B1 another time. At least the other time, it was just a straight route. Now I don't even know the language.

It's not because I am scared or whatever. I have backpacked by myself several times before. It is that the idea just pisses me off. If I am going to be abandoned, then why go as a group in the first place? Otherwise it is going to end up all over like Desaru.

"Oh you got lost, because you were doing your own thing/procrastinate/slower than us. How is it our fault?" Incredibly selfish. If I go with them, it means I have not learnt my lesson from Desaru. If I do go, I think I will make use my own alternative route and meet them at the end of the day.

I will still finish planning the map because I had promised to do so. I will need it when I actually go.

But I will still share the map to everyone in the WWW for anyone who wants to visit Hanoi.
View Office Trip 2011 - Hanoi in a larger map
Due to safety concerns, the itinerary will only be shared after they return.

The trip was as horrible as I predicted. I did my own thing in the last two days. Vietnam was lovely. I will go back there again, especially Halong Bay.

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