Sunday, August 7, 2011

Noob Buster Warrior

I was really pissed that someone called me Noob Buster Warrior (making a play on my nick) in Assault. I think they mean that I only play with noobs so that I can trash them. Suck shit. Not everyone is as lucky as them, can find a team to play with every time. They are so damn gay, they have to hand hold each other in Assault.  

Anyway I came back in my other profile (coincidentally my usual profile was locked because I was trying to join a game and the connection hung, locking my profile), a day later, joined their team and spoke only in German.

After we won the game, I chewed them out for calling me a Noob Buster *dickface*.

"Übrigens, du hast mir gerufst "Noob Killer Warrior". 

Guess I showed them! Especially since I took officer (as level 10) and defended my territory against 3 different persons ( 1 level 13, 1 level 5 and 1 level 7, all using different soldier types) on my own. You see, actually officers will die easily if the enemy rushes them, but I hid and ambushed them one by one =D, playing the way only sneaky girls would *keke*.

I have to say, when it comes to saying rude stuff or whatever, COH has definitely improved my German a bit. Schnappi might say only a tiny little bit =D

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