Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Adorable Neffe - Inculcating the love of Books

The way to encourage children to read, is to teach them how to abuse the book. This was where I showed him how to flip a book. Once he thinks books are fun, next thing you do is conning him into reading. I have no idea what my Schwägerin did. The boy is traumatized by baby books, but adult books are a whole other matter. Whenever I am with the boy, I make sure I read to him or show him what I am reading. I pretend to ignore him. So he thinks whatever I am reading is interesting =D. 

I thought about uploading all the pics I paparazzied of him (the little bugger moves damn fast, every shot is a blur. I had to use my legs to block/ protect him sometimes so that I can take the shots in peace), but hesitated. I don't even upload my own pics, why the hell should I compromise my little baby Neffe? 

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