Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am not having much luck especially with the insect world

Heads up, this is NSFW and TMI as well. Read on at your own risk. Anyway this week feels ENDLESS!!!

I have been very stressed because of (censored). So yesterday while bathing, I was supposed to brush my teeth. Still deep in thought about how to fix (censored), I pushed some toothpaste onto the toothbrush then started brushing. Strange... it felt too soft.

Holy shit. I have been brushing my teeth with an old toothbrush that I have been cleaning the acrylic paint off my PAINTBRUSHES. Yes, wtf. So that was #1 sign my spat of bad luck is continuing.

Then this evening, thankfully (censored) was resolved, I was standing outside work waiting for B1 to fetch me for dinner. I started reading my German book (yes, I decided immersion is the best way to improve my German. I have forbidden myself from reading English fiction. It's killing me a bit.) So I stood there reading, with my box of canvases at my feet, when I felt something bite me. At first I ignored it, then the bite became more painful, then I jumped up, and realized... that I had been standing on some leftover food (didn't closely examine what it was) and ants were swarming all over it. I hurriedly removed my shoe (yes, it was disgusting behavior in public, but I am allergic to ant bites, if you have read my earlier blog entry, so I was in a blind panic) and guess what, there were three ants. I am still itching now.

And then, what happens after my bath today. I was still deep in thought about what I need to do at work tomorrow, didn't look as I was wearing my clothes. Then I felt something very PAINFUL on my butt. Seriously. Again? I grabbed at my butt, and felt something very hard. Don't start thinking dirty thoughts, ok?

I dug into my (censored) and flung whatever it was against the wall. Eww, it was a freaking chafer beetle, that was biting me. Jesus Christ.

Still it could be worse, the beetle could have been further down the ravine. Now that would really have been GG.

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