Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gratz Mutter, your Garten looks fantastisch!!!

My paternal and maternal Tanten went with B1 and I to loot meine Mutter's garten of her Aloe Vera. You see, some asshole has stolen my lemon basil plant (if I can, I want to plant an electric shock or itchy powder around the pots *feeling wicked*). So B1 says let's stick to Aloe Vera, Cactus, or whatever prickly plant with an extremely heavy pot. 

Anyway it's been a while since I have been to Mutter's Garten. I went only two times when they first rented the plot. The place was a nightmare, all covered with Aloe Vera, weeds, snails and stones. Lots of backbreaking stones.  I think the previous person who rented the plot was going for a rock garden or something...

I stopped going after that because (1) I hated the work, I wanted to plant not clear weeds (2) I cannot wake up at 6 like them, not if I want to play CoH to 3am every weekend. -.-
So I was somewhat pleasantly surprised by what Mutter and gang had done...The rest of the shots are from the nearby plots.

die meisten schön Aloe Vera (Ich werde züruck für dich kommen)

This seems to be a Mexican chili plant. I shall look forward to its spawns

KangKong (water spinach) plant

Peas. yucky

Anyone guessed what this is? It's my favourite veg, Sweet Potato. I love its leaves. I wish I can stomp through the veil and lie on the leaves...

My favorite flower (for drawing). My favorite flower remains calla lillies
Wild Flowers
If this is written by my mother, she should be ashamed of herself *haha*

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