Saturday, August 20, 2011

Liu Kang - A Centenial Celebration

I finally got to go to the Singapore Art Museum. I especially wanted to go because they were showing Liu Kang's paintings (you know, one of the famous locally based artists who loved to paint Balinese titties). There were some of his more famous pieces, like the one depicting life at the river, the Balinese woman reclining in peaceful slumber etc. For me, my favorite pieces are the Sunflowers (showing his deep influence by Van Gogh and Cezanne, two of the post impressionism artists who were very influential and popular while Liu Kang was studying in France) and his piece, "My young wife".

B1 thought that Liu Kang's crayon art was better than his work in oils. I was in love with certain pieces, and they are not the titties ones, in case you are wondering.
I wish I was fond of crayons. I suck at crayon work.

My Favorite Piece #1. Weil ich liebe Sunflowers
My favorite piece #2. I love how the light falls gently on his wife
B1 thought it would have been more fun if Liu Kang drew himself into the picture drawing himself. Like an infinite loop.
All the famous Balinese titties. The pendant the lady is wearing is a real one.
More titties
I have seen before the one on the right side in a local art book
Thought the Onkel in the middle was beautifully captured

First picture
Repeated picture

This is my third favorite piece.

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