Monday, August 8, 2011

My Geography sucks more than my German

Really darn funny. I am not sure is it because I was high from lack of sleep, but yesterday, Jemand was asking someone else where he came from. He said he was "Niederrhein, 70km von Niederlande." 

So I popped out and checked Google Maps. And then I went back and said "oh, Nord Deutschland?"

Epic Fail. No wonder the guy repeated what he said. Haha.
Now when I look at it. It is clearly WESTEN DEUTSCHLAND

Whatever it is, I AM TOTALLY happy, because there were some keen German speakers in the game, and they 絶対に refused to speak Englisch, when they clearly können. How do I know? Because when I was in game and couldn't think of the words in German, they could clearly understand me in English and then they replied in German. Hahahaha. 

What is the most funny is that everyone asks me the same questions, and then praise me for speaking good German, when I have the same generic answer (just got pro at having gleiche Antworten)...

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