Monday, August 1, 2011

Salmonella poisoning & Whose superpower do you want?

Last Friday, we were rather obsessed with X-Men, and talked about them over lunch @ Chef Daniel's (the 7th floor eatery at Illuma). I digress a bit here. Very sadly I wasn't able to take photos of the lunch which was so pretty. I must say for the price I paid (which is equiavalent to a set lunch at Jack's Place or some mid-priced western eatery), the ambience was super nice and the service was decent. Unfortunately the food was a bit of hit and miss. The portion was woman-sized =D.

Tasted great (abit salty) but my chicken pieces, 1 was RAW, the other was somewhat-cooked (I think). It was so raw, I had difficulty cutting, and that's when I really looked down at my plate, because I was busy chatting and I doused the chicken in the generous teriyaki sauce (unconsciously disguising my salmonella poisoning risks).
I was thinking of not eating, but the guys told me to complain. So I did, and the waiter was also quite shocked by how raw it was. It was like eating chicken sashimi. O.Ops, didn't look below the nicely seared chicken skin. Gross.
So after that the waiter came back, but he didn't zap it like the Republic of Steak did (when I told them my cow was rare). Instead he brought back a new deboned chicken thigh with a fried tomato slice. So the plate won't look so naked. I am definitely coming back here to eat (not necessarily the Chicken Teriyaki though...)!!!

Blah blah... so anyway I said I wanted Magneto's power (I previously wanted Storm's power, back around the same time I wanted to own a farm. Such a useful power!!!). I wouldn't mind having Magento if it is the guy from First Class. I think Boob Bro also wanted the same power with the helmet, of course. I think Teletubby wanted the super healing powers of Wolverine. The whole point I am trying to get is, when I read the Daily Mail later in the day, I discovered that they too covered the exact same topic?!


1. Accelerated healing - Wolverine, X-Men (22 per cent)
2. Telepathic/psionic powers - Professor X, X-Men (21 per cent)
3. Power of flight - Superman (15 per cent)
4. Super-strength - The Hulk (11 per cent)

5. Invisibility - Sue Storm, Fantastic Four (8 per cent)

6. (joint). Weather control - Storm, X-Men (7 per cent) and Flame-on! - The Human Torch, Fantastic Four (7 per cent)

8. Supersenses - Daredevil (4 per cent)

9. Web-slinging - Spider-Man (3 per cent)

10. Super-speed - Dash, The Incredibles (2 per cent)

Agree? Disagree? Seriously, I think if you can read people's minds, you will be very sad because more often than not, the person is not paying attention to you or is thinking very mean things about you. I am very cynical perhaps, but maybe it's because I am from the same school of thought as 老子

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