Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scenes from a BBQ obsessed Birthday

Needless to say, but the time we finished the chalet, we were pretty much done with BBQ. Having ate through the piles of grocery we overdid on the first day *winks*.
First day god awful dinner

Burnt everything. We started at 7pm, cooked by moonlight. The next door man kept coming out to smoke with his "pai kia" looking son and chatting about how to be a man (according to B1 who overheard).

Last Day Lunch

2nd day dinner
This was when we were watching the younger man next door marry his China bride. Oh. Interesting. She is incredibly hot. And everyone in that family smokes, even Mommy dearest. We wondered why everyone dressed so well for BBQ, when we realized it was a ROM party! Amazingly for a family who ate huge prawns the night before (and had some leftover, based on what I saw the cleaning lady clear out the day after the wedding), they were REALLY STINGY with the buffet dinner. No kidding. Only four dishes. But tons of alcohol. Even had a swinging Martell and everything. Their poor guests had to buy KFC to feel full, and the man apologized to his wife's friends for being a poor host. I should think so.

Didn't know you could still get married at chalets. Since you have to have the marriage location imprinted on the marriage cert, don't know how weird it looks to have X-X Costa Sands Resort printed on your cert...These clams were done using beer and butter, ala Brussels (the Belgian eatery at East Coast Park - now to think about it, I never got around to upping those pics) style.
B1 and I became very expert in raising fires. We had an awful time with our late start on the first day.
My personal fave =D
I thought this photo looked pretty professional, even though I might have killed the chicken a bit much. This was the 2nd day dinner on a plate.
Butter roll, grilled to a crisp. Yum yum.

Gooey on the inside, crispy on the outside. Me Likes!!

We changed grille every night because..... sparklers!!!

Ah my youth so fleeting like the sparklers...

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