Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road of no Return - Lorena Bobbit + garbage disposal = Even Angrier Woman

Yesterday I nearly died laughing when I was reading and read that this lady did a Lorena Bobbit on her husband's penis and fed it to the garbage disposal. This was something I always threatened B1, if he ever cheated on me, except in my threat, a blender will be used for the grisly action of turning a man into a transformer (since we don't have garbage disposals here).

The story also appeared in today's newspapers, where I realized that due to cultural or lifestyle differences, my colleagues did not understand what happens to a  penis in a garbage disposal. Miss Piggy thought garbage disposal == garbage bag.

Most funny of all, the lady has since been arrested on Aggravated Mayhem? WTF is that...

I am actually seriously gleeful about the whole thing is because I am still licking my wounds from my stupid Company of Heroes Assault matches from yesterday. Some asshole called weewillywinky (he had another penis related nick) really pissed me off.

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