Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wah... B1 strikes Beary good Luck

While we were at the chalet, I told B1 that one of the things I always wanted to do was to just take S$10 to play the UFO catcher game. I am a pretty thrifty person, so doing such things seem like decadence to me, especially since there is no guarantee you would win. 

He gave me S$10 bucks to try at the stupid X Zone arcade, but other than nullifying all my hard-earned points, it also had some really unfriendly UFO catchers. First the damn things are very weak, couldn't even lift up the toys, let alone flinging it any old how (as it is supposed to - the luck element). Second of all, most of them cost an eye-popping S$2 a try.

I tried the S$1 ones. Total snoozefest. After a futile S$4, I told B1 to forget it (he also changed S$10 to play), that we should save the money and try at those actual UFO catcher shops like the ones at Junction 8 and Marina Square. He said ok, and we wasted some money at those machines on the third floor, where you turn and turn and a toy falls out, just to get a R2D2 and a Darth Vader (which he wanted) handphone straps.

So just now after dinner at the House of Seafood (they gave us a cute Cancer handphone strap *how appropriate =D), I asked B1 if we could go to Junction 8 since it was still early. He agreed, so we drove there, and started trying our luck. I tried for a Winnie the Pooh, and the bunny head toy, but to no avail. B1 was bored watching me try so he tried for the Rilakkuma, which I thought was too heavy for the catcher. 

Ohmigod! He got it on the first try!!! I stared disbelievingly, mid-gloat, as the toy tumbled head in into the bin. Needless to say, the second time I tried, it didn't work. The girl let me chose one of the toy designs in the machine and went to grab a new one for me. She said that luck and skill were the important elements of the game. 
I think I am more impressed by the plastic bag than the bear. I am NEVER using the plastic bag!!!
To me, the important part was that, we still managed to get it within the $$ we spent trying. B1 said I missed the point of the whole game. Anyway we saw that another version of the toy (smaller size)  was retailing at S$35 plus. Wow *eye pop*!!! 

I finally get to experience the exhilaration a chick gets when her guy catches her a toy at a fair. *thumbs up* Though the competitive part in me wishes it had been me who won...
Der Bär ist sehr Gross!!!

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