Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bought this from Typo after dinner

Went for dinner with Boob Bro, after Vater emo and didn't want to cook dinner. =P

Our latest fad place was Sho Teppan, where you can have teppanyaki, shabu shabu, sukiyaki in a metal bowl over a very expensive induction surface. I wanted to go Kinokuniya but it was closed. WTF. Art Friends' closing time is irritating enough, now Kino too? But I was to discover that later after I hit Typo on my way there. I was initially attracted by the stretched canvases they had. So expensive!!! I set the canvas back hurriedly after seeing the price. I also noticed that they were selling little Japanese shades, so cute. 

The best part had to be the 3 for S$10 section though. They were selling a lot of letters in black, white and red. Very ApartmentTherapy-like. Unfortunately, only the red letter can be hung up. Sucked. So I bought these two pics for my bathroom and the @ was supposed to be for my computer room. Now it is used for my kitchen *haha*

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