Sunday, July 31, 2011

I now have a family in CoH

Disturbing relationships always form when I play CoH. I think Assault is a game where the teammates are very important (other people might say that's the case for ALL Operations games, but I find that particularly so for Assault, which is my new obsession. I hate PK, and stonewall I think I can play fairly well as a team or by myself so I don't really care so much). 

Yesterday I acquired myself a Daddy and Mommy. I suspect that that guy is a smurf. He's level 1 but he doesn't play like one. He sure acts like he knows me, and keeps calling himself my Mommy. My other friend, who was a smurf and turns out to be a person who used to play against me in Assault (but I shall not pursue the issue) then declared himself as my Daddy.

So now I am Baby Bear, with my own Daddy and french-speaking Mommy in Assault. Eat your heart out, Schnappi.

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