Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joining the dark side (Part III) - from Google's Android to Apple's iOS development?

B1 wants to give me a iMac for my birthday, as a sort of weird ass encouragement to stop developing Android apps and move to developing for iPhone and iPad.

"Don't bother," he said, "Android market is full of malware, especially those free apps (I hope he is not referring to BurgerStacko, even though it is now labelled as a junky app. Hey at only ~160KB, don't expect miracles!). Those evil China developers steal apps off the market and trojanize them."

I have to agree on that point. Some months ago, I wrote a super scathing email response to this Chinese website which had the bloody cheek to tell me that they had taken my app off the market and stored it somewhere on their site and do I want to register a developer account with them?!

WTF. Seriously.

"I don't know Objective-C." I replied as I continued to play his "Hanging with Friends". That game is seriously addictive. Now and again, I kick myself for not thinking of this game first.

"Maybe if you build the games with me, then I might consider changing platforms."

"No. I know your pattern. You will say you have an idea, and then make me do all the coding."

This man must be seriously traumatized from all the coding work I chucked at him during our uni days. Don't know what is his problem, I have always been Project Manager material *I vomit a little in my mouth*.

"Fine. Then you buy yourself the iMac and build an iOS version of BurgerStacko (it's only logical, since the images and code are already available). Then I will join iOS development."

Wait a second. Did I just agree to him buying an Apple product again? Damn. Anyway I don't like Google very much anymore (not since the Google Ad nonsense) but I have detested Apple because of the pretentious, "holier-than-thou" impression their users imagine that they project.

I wish the stupid Android SDK is a human so I can slap it sometimes. Why is it so difficult to update? And then on top of that, the stupid Eclipse says I never set the stupid SDK. Wtf seriously. You think I so keh kiang go and move the damn thing around meh? Maybe I should get that stupid Android icon as a stuffed toy for my birthday, so I can stomp my fat foot on it whenever I have problems with the SDK.

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