Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The importance of a Changes.txt

Damn, it's been such a long time since I last coded that I have to search around the desktop for the Eclipse folder. It does not help that my desktop is cluttered.
Since I was very annoyed by people leaving bitchy comments instead of constructive comments on the game, I have stopped maintaining the app, not even after I patched the game for the South Korean release. However since it's been one whole year, and it's time to restart the engine. I do have some stupid stuff that I was building. Now a quick glance told me that I had 8 projects other than Burgerstacko! Winz.Should bring them to market.

Probably the driving factor is that I don't intend to charge $ for the games I build. Since I am from the school of thought "Why pay more, or even, pay at all?", I can't really expect others to pay me. And all my nonsense with Nuffnang and Google Ads, it's even funnier to expect ad money from a free app. But I am still toying with the idea.

Anyway, I must highlight the importance of changes.txt. Even though I constantly curse out Company of Heroes for changing stuff on me (like dropping my rank), changes.txt is very important because they tell me where did I last left off?

Hmm, last change was Jan 2011. Not that bad, but that was the South Korean version. Oops

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