Sunday, July 17, 2011

Copy, Cut, Paste - How I might have missed the point entirely again

I went to Art Friends very early today (because I always get lights out *literal, because they are closing*  whenever I go there at night), tried to buy some stuff for the walls (part 2, part 1 was buying ceramic paint to cover the damage that occurred when we removed the Onkel's cabinets and built higher and shorter ones). I had seen some ideas done by others like ApartmentTherapy, and even blogs. I saw that the lady from The Children's Nest made some really cute animal silhouettes to frame in her kids' room.
[Source: The Children's Nest]
I became somewhat obsessed with that, and tried to do something different. I wanted something more grown up and sophisticated (I was aspiring to ApartmentTherapy level *winks*) so I bought some eye-wateringly expensive Japanese paper at Art Friends. I wanted to use it against my even more expensive and well-kept (well it is pretty impressive for someone as messy as me) rice paper. Unfortunately... when I got to the new place, I realized my booboo. I had been visualizing my old bedroom wall when I bought the paper. The paper does not match my new bedroom, which was like a lemon yellow. The almost orange in the paper will not match that kind of yellow. Scheiss.

But I still tried, reasoning that maybe I could use it in the living room. Oops. My bear paw swiped too hard at the delicate rice paper against the drawing pad (I sacrificed one of my precious drawing sheets because the spare drawing pad was only A5. It tore. So sad. Had to throw away the paper, which ironically matched my wall color. Sigh.
Staring at the Japanese paper. It was black with red and almost orange balls *sounds wrong*. I could either paint the background orange, which I have, or get red... which I don't have. So after B1 won the impressive Rilakkuma at the UFO catcher, we bought some red construction paper, and made this. 

Great. Now I need to figure out where to put this. I didn't plan to have a red theme or overtures anywhere in the house. Fuck.
Now to think of it... what is that between his legs?
B1 thinks I missed the point again. He said that my weinerdog looks pissed. And the loud pattern distracts the viewer from recognizing the dog. So much for sophistication.

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