Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Munchies 24 - Make your own Sandwich Day

I stayed at really late on Freitag playing COH, so I only woke up at about noon. Apparently B1 had been frantically calling me (I didn't hear no phone ringing), so he claimed extreme hunger by the time he came in. However I was still abit dopey after just waking up (I swear the man treats me like a walking restaurant). So I defrosted and fried a Arabiki sausage and eggs, made some quick Vietnamese pickles (on the right), while B1 whinged as he heated up a canned soup, some natto (because he was hungry) and sardines.
Then we set about assembling our own sandwiches. I supposed B1 was pretty starved, since he actually made 2, when usually one would suffice. I thought the first one he made was a bit gross. Natto- sardine - sausage-pickle sandwich. I went for a more conservative, egg-sausage-tomato-lettuce sandwich with a bit of pickle on the side. I was too lazy to make a sauce, but I think I should make a sauce and freeze it for such emergency sandwich making events in the future. Hmm. Subway's SOS (Sweet Onion Sauce)...
Eww. What kind of fusion sandwich is this?

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