Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

I have a yearly tradition of carrying out a blitzkreig of posts on my blogs on my birthday. The usual goal is 24 for every hour of my birthday, which I usually get stuck and quit by post 15. But due to a sudden uplevelling of maturity (due to my old age) and the fact that I was at a chalet with B1 (uneventful birthday with exciting events happening around us), meant that while I had somewhat internet access (through his iPhone),  I wasn't very inclined to do the same thing this year.

And just to prove how unlucky I continue to be, I was super duper horrified to see that I had missed the deadline for claiming my ZoneX (arcade) points by June 2011 because I had avoided the arcade during the June holidays because of all the kids. Shit. 4000 over points, I can get some really cool stuff for that. FUCK SHIT. All because the stupid Toa Payoh branch (since closed) ran out of XBOX games by the time I accumulated the necessary 3600 points. So I just haplessly continued to accumulate 0.

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