Thursday, July 28, 2011

This has been an awesomely terrible week @ work

I have been doing OT non-stop this week. It's terrible, really, because our *censored*. Sigh. So anyway after threatening *censored* that we will *censored* them, suddenly they have the solution to the problem. 

The important thing is that the thing is resolved. Phew. After almost 2 weeks. Not Phew.

Thought that I could go home relatively early today to paint my goddamn furniture (I am still torn between apple white, sea green or tiffany blue for my table, any ideas anyone?), but it was B1's turn to have *censored* happen to him too. Needless to say, I was stuck in the library waiting for him until almost closing time *panick*. 

I was pissed and said he should have told me to go home first. In the end, I wanted to eat something expensive to punish him. But because of our property virgin stupidity, I realized I now have to think at least 3 times before I can decide what to eat. We walked rounds around Holland Ville. I wanted to eat at the *shit I cannot remember the name* but it was opposite Hansang and had $43.80++ as much as you can eat OZ beef. But because I hesitated, we ended up at Hansang, where I realized that I have forgotten that beef served there is even lesser and more expensive.

So we tried something neu. Usually we eat Galbi, but today, we ate Hotpot!!! 

 First they served us some refreshing Japanese-style salad, you know with the sesame vinaigrette.
 Then some kimchi, and the hotpot. Initially B1 complained that the soup was tasteless, but that's the beauty of the Korean hotpot. By dumping in the noodles, the starch in the noodles thickened the soup and the beef and other ingredients made it savory. 

You know how Chinese I can be sometimes, I couldn't resist asking for an egg to put into the pot. The waitress said she would consult the chef, and I was worried the Korean man was going to say I bastardised his Korean roots =D. Thank god, no. He let us have an egg (now I wonder if he charged us for it. Hmm must check with B1 tomorrow when he is lucid).

By the end, the soup was very salty. Had to get a glass of water.

 Yummy bibimbap with the crispy crusty bits of rice.

The bill came out to be quite ex, thanks to B1 drinking himself silly with soju. He just went home by cab, not before making me rob Russia to give him some spare $$.

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