Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank You Cards

I had thought rather hard about what to show my appreciation to the office buddies who gave me birthday $$ (which I didn't expect). I had thought of cooking something, or buying some food (which is easy and appropriate for the recipients, since most of us OT). But in the end, while I was buying the stuff for decorating the walls, I spent a lot of time thinking of what to make for everyone. I was torn between buying these pretty Japanese cards and drawing on them or making cute door signs that they could use. But when I discovered that the signs were made of foam, I went ahead with the Japanese cards.

My birthday was over by like 11 days, and I was still drawing until 3 am last night. Oops going to be 12 days already, man, and I still hadn't bought the 0.3 pen, so in the end I used a ballpoint pen with many colors haha. This morning I sprayed on some fixature to hold the colors and brought them to work.

The stupid thing was that I left the camera in B1's car yesterday. So I had to use the really shit ass Android phone. Didn't do my pics justice. *Annoyed* But I had to give the cards out anyway, otherwise rather insincere. Where got people return thanks so late one?!!!

After I took this pic, I sat down and decided who to get what. Considerations: those who are more likely to keep the cards for a long time, and those who will treat them like flyers, keep for a while and then throw. B1 said I was nuts, why go to the effort to draw?

My faves were the one I drew first, which was the bottom right, and the top left (which was the last one I drew).

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