Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pedo Rilakkuma strikes!

Ever since B1 won me a Rilakkuma, I have been very obsessed with UFO catchers, reading up as obsessively as I would intellectual material. Yesterday I asked B1 to drive me to East Coast Park which was one of the places I researched as a "friendly" UFO catcher place. Supposedly it was above Burger King but when we drove past it looked more like a Korean BBQ restaurant.  Now on retrospect, the info I read was 2009. 

Which was also why, the other place where we researched, i.e. Illuma sucked shit. Illuma is one dead mall. On my first visit one or two years back, it was new and wasn't fully occupied. Now when I visited it, its shop occupancy is even worse! Anyway I strongly suspect that we mistook the arcade (don't go there it is a con job), which had MANY UFO catchers as the recommended place which was likely closed down. We should have known seeing that no one was playing any of the machines, and the prizes were pretty shit. However because we were on a high and since we were already there, we decided to try our luck and sank in S$20. After spending around ~$12, we realized that it was a con, and went to play the new Harley Davidson motorbike game. We were tempted by the 2 tokens to continue (4 tokens to play) and tapped 6 tokens in immediately. Stupid, considering how often I play at the arcade. In the end, after my first game, the machine ate up my extra 2 tokens and had the audacity to ask me to pay more. INFURIATED.

So we decided to try our luck at the Prize Station @Junction 8 again, since I like Rilakkuma so much. I named the one I had as Tobi, the druggie Relax Bear. I sank in S$5 for 6 tries (usually S$1 a try) and B1 and I took turns. On the fourth turn, I flipped the bear by accident so that her head landed on the window and her legs where her head had been. We had the lady in charge reposition the bear each time beforehand. Given this unfavorable position, B1 told me to get the lady to reposition again but I was adamant that I wanted to try it. Guess what? I read online that each machine sets a counter on the number of tries, and somehow I must have hit max counter because the catcher could actually catch the bear by the leg and drag her to the slot. We were so shocked, even the lady in charge! I was praying very hard as I saw the machine drag her along, head beating on the floor. Don't drop beforehand! Don't drop beforehand!

Prize Station was also giving away free coin banks with every win (they didn't have that last week when B1 won). Anyway B1 also nearly made it was the last try, but since I was already very high on the win, I didn't ask him to try a second time following from the new location. Stupid. =D

I thought for a long time what bear I wanted. I initially wanted the white sister bear of the same design I had. But in the end, I chose the bear who was wearing a 肚兜. I was very curious what he was wearing underneath *winks*. He was also carrying a shopping bag. Strangely the lady didn't go to the back of the shop to get me a new bear but just gave me the one from the machine. *huh*?
Mu neu Family
Now that I look closely at the bear, I regret not getting the white sister. Sigh. Just because I thought a white bear would be hard to keep clean. The bear I got is scruffy and kind of lumpy. Not neu I think. Unique design though...and perfect for my deviant behaviour...

Tobi pulling at the apron string
I was looking at the shopping bag. Kichijoji. Thought that was a place in Japan, Googled it and discovered. Ye, my bear is a unique design for the Kichijoji branch of Rilakkuma specialty shop. Check out the black apron design (image source:

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